The Queen and Lucifer

The Queen and Lucifer 

 Thousands of years ago, when the Polarian race ruled the Earth. A queen had the control of the king at the height of his power.

One night the Queen decided to invite her close friend Lucifer to dinner. We all know Lucifer is one of the general names for Kal, the ruler of the lower worlds. Lucifer put on a beautiful clothes and accepted the invitation of the powerful Polarian Queen . 

The Queen prepared a magnificent feast for Lucifer.

Lucifer entered the queen’s banquet with the face of a handsome man in young age. All the guests, men and women as well as courtiers were amazed at his beauty. The Queen saw Lucifer shining in the light and she fell in love with him. She hadn’t met Lucifer until then. Their connection was through inner.  She couldn’t think Lucifer would be so beautiful in the real world. So she decided to dance with Lucifer instead of the king.

Lucifer accepted the dance invitation. All courtiers were wondering why the Queen was dancing with Lucifer. She told Lucifer she loved him at the time of the dance. Lucifer accepted.

 Many years passed and all the people became aware of the Queen’s unlawful relationship with Lucifer and this diminished her power. The courtiers rebelled against her. They arrested the Queen and sentenced her to death. But the Queen was loyal to her love for Lucifer. She was still waiting and hoping that Lucifer doesn’t ignore her love and come to her aid.

 The day of her execution was scheduled. But there was no signs of Lucifer. The Queen was still hoping to achieve her dream.

 But Lucifer left her alone. On the day of execution, they told her you could announce your last defense. The queen said I have no defense. I just have a request to let my eyes open while hitting my neck. They agreed. The queen was happy and longed to see Lucifer in the last moment of her life and when he comes to rescue her. She looked at the whole crowd in the town square to see Lucifer. In the final moments her head was put on a wooden pillar and the executioner beheaded her with one blow. 

 Hundreds of years passed and the story of Queen and Lucifer became a tragedy of love and sacrifice. After hundreds of years the Varkas empire was formed. The Varkas was the most powerful and bloodthirsty empire in the world. 

There was a sage living in their court. One night the Emperor of Varkas prepared a grand feast and invited all the courtiers and sages. 

During the king’s feast, he asked all sages and courtiers a question. 

Anyone who could give the right answer could enjoy the favors of the emperor. 

Everyone was surprised by the emperor’s question. He asked if anyone knew why Lucifer did not show up to help the queen and why she was loyal to Lucifer until the last moments of her life?  Everyone knew the story of the Queen and Lucifer and the Queen was one of the great myths of the Varkas Empire.

Some responded because the Queen was in true love with Lucifer. But the emperor was not convinced. Some sages also responded but the emperor was not convinced again.

It was the turn for the Sage in our story.

He told the emperor; the truth is, the Queen was not loyal to Lucifer, she had been captured by a giant named Desire, and the reality is that the Queen’s love was not a true love. Because true love does not need the lover’s reward and help. The queen was waiting for Lucifer to save her. 

The emperor’s eyes gleamed and he accepted the Sage’s answer.

The question is why the emperor accepted the Sage’s answer. 

 The answer is that Sage was the same Queen who had experienced the difference between a true love and the love with dependence in her new life.

 The emperor gave him a great reward. Later, the Sage became a Soul Ambassador. Who is called Sri Veka. 

 So the love that is influenced by desire and attachment cannot be a true love because love belongs only to Sugmad and returns to it. 

May the Blessings Be

Red Lines of the Inner Master

Red Lines of the Inner Master

 The Inner Master gives the Soul  many opportunities, until it can thrive slowly. Inner Master is the true lover of the soul. He completely cares only for the soul and loves the soul.

 He ignores many of our mistakes, but sometime our pure extravagance makes him to teach us a new lesson. Sometimes he uses humor or comic. Maybe it would be some kind of inner voice, maybe it is something that happens in everyday life. It makes no difference, but what is quite clear is that he will face us with our own mistakes. 

 The following story is somewhat humorous and comedic, but it shows the humor of the Inner Master and how and in what ways he confronts the soul with his mistakes.

 About 18 years ago, in 2001, my first book on the teachings of Bany in Iran was published. At that time it was not forbidden to follow ECK in Iran like it is now. After the spiritual seminar in 2002;  about 2000 people in our area participated the seminar. At that seminar, I was giving a talk on how to teach ECK to the family.  After the seminar, Shams Tabrizi, in the Inner Planes, gave me the necessary warnings to stop the activities. And before the ban on teachings in Iran, I stoped the sessions. About six months later, ECK teachings in Iran was banned by the Iranian government. 

They summoned me and the Iranian government pledged me not to hold the ECK meetings anymore. While they were wondering how come I had closed the meetings earlier than they do any actions.

 I went back to my hometown to my wife and my child. A year has gone by. I was sad that I couldn’t hold ECK meetings anymore. 

 One day, I went to the bookstore. I bought some books. Suddenly I saw a book I had written among the books. I was amazed. What is my book doing here?! Teachings were forbidden. It was very strange they had my book in the bookstores. Because the Iranian government had banned all books about ECK. I picked up the book to buy.

Suddenly the Book Seller got surprised to see my picture on the book as the author of the book.

He didn’t want to get any money for the book, but I insisted. Gradually, we got into discussion of ECK teachings. I was weak for a year of being away from activities and I felt so attached to the conversation. So with praise and strong reasoning, I was getting him intrigued by the so-called choice of wise words. And I got caught in Avidya. 

There was no one to tell me you mixed up yourself with Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo or probably you were confused yourself with ECK masters. The book seller had no choice but to listen to my high-flown speech. I think he was feeling nauseous, but I kept going. Talking too much is a reaction that activates the throat chakra and wastes our spiritual energy.

 I bombarded him with my sage words for about 1 hour. Avidya is one of the dangers we have to be very careful about.

 After an hour, like a showy peacock, I grabbed my book to get out of his store. But suddenly I was flying like a stork and falling on my face to the ground. If anyone were to see me, it would probably seemed like the blind man who did not see the edge of the storefront door, his foot twisted and he is flying suspended in the air. The sound of my crashing on the ground was completely reflected and people were watching me. The Book Seller ran to help me get up off the ground, my glasses were tilted and I was like a failed army soldier who needed a hospital after the war.

 In the meantime, I asked the Inner Master; “Why did this happen?”

 Master replied, “This is the boundary between self-realization and selfishness.”

 It is interesting to know that the name of my book was Self-Realization. 


May the Blessings Be


Time to Leave the School of Religion and Mysticism

Time to Leave the School of Religion and Mysticism

My memories of religion may be several lives. The many lives I had been seeking for God through the teachings of the prophets, sweet and bitter memories. In this life, I was going to leave every religious education forever, because the path that Bany had set for me was a completely different path. Rebazar says;

“It’s good to be born in a mosque.”

The path to Sugmad demands a matureness beyond any human education formulated within the framework of masters and prophets.

The ECK Masters only show the way, it is entirely up to us to continue the path to Sugmad through His Light and Sound. No one can guarantee self-realization and God-realization for us. The path to God is narrow, slippery, dreadful and loving. Sugmad is the God of hearts. In heart only His Light and Sound can be found that is His eternal consciousness. 

Therefore, no teachings, whether in religion or any other schools under the teachings of ECK, cannot be the ultimate destination. The final destination is possible only with intention, love, and connection with the Sound and Light of Sugmad. 

The Inner Master is the only way. He is the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t accept character, nor a pattern, and no teaching can reflect the sacred existence of the Inner Master.

Because Mahanta, the Inner Master, is Sugmad. It does not fit into forms and bodies, while all the forms and creations are alive through IT. There is nothing but Sugmad.

Maybe this question comes to mind that is there any problem with mystical and religious teachings?

In my opinion, they have no problem, they are the schools that are needed to get ready for the path of Sugmad.

Sugmad is eternal. There is no end to it. So, his path is known as the immortal way. Religions help us but only Holy Spirit through the channel of inner master can guide us to Sugmad. 

The following experience may show signs of redirection.

I had spent many years and lives in various religions and mystics. The effects of their Sanskara has remained in me. I had a kind of guilty conscience that was hurting me. It was a short time I got into Bany Teachings. I was worried about whether my religious and mystical path and all I learned were worthless or I was wrong. I wrote a detailed report to the Inner Master and shared all my concerns with him.

Some time went by and I hadn’t received a reply. After about a year, I entered a conscious dream. In that dream I was sitting in a big mosque across from the altar of the mosque. There were huge marble pillars in there. I heard a voice called me and said; Get up and say prayers. 

By hearing that sound I realized it was none other than Kal. Kal is the god of all religions and sects.

He had put me at a crossroad. The two ways of the teachings of Bany and religion. 

I loved saying prayers, but chanting HU was more attractive to me. I got up. I stood up to say prayers. But I sang HU instead of saying Islamic Zakar in prayers. I was singing HU, I was singing HU loudly. 

Kal was angry and he was calling me to say prayers. but I kept singing HU. Little by little My heart was filled with great love and Kal became silent. 

Suddenly the whole mosque started shaking. The pillars and ceiling and altar, of the mosque were shaking. As if there is an earthquake going on. Then the ceiling and pillars of the mosque started shining. Light come to the mosque with wonderful magnitude. 

Pleasant and sweet sound like a harmonic violin and flute entered, the whole mosque was shaking and shining. The pillars, ceiling and altar of the mosque melted into light and sound. There was nothing except the clusters of light and beautiful sacred sound. 

I was filled by the greatness of that great love. The celestial sound of HU was causing it. I felt some changes inside me. I realized all my worries about what  I had learned in religion and mysticism has been resolved. 

Because all those teachings were required for me, until the day I find the eternal path to Sugmad. 

May Love Be


The Story of Lucifer and God

The Story of Lucifer and God 

 I call the Kal, Lucifer. There are differences in their function but in essence Kal and Lucifer are of one origin and that is the consciousness of the cosmic mind. I will write about the different functions of the Cosmic Mind’s vibrations later. But today we have a different story. There are different points in this story.  You might have different inner reactions. But rest assured that your reactions are unique and have some kind of inner connection with ECK. Let’s get on with the story. 

One day Lucifer looked at his wings. His wings were black and white. Half his body was white light and the other half was dark and black. He missed the days when he was serving God with his friends. And asked himself; It’s been millions of years. But as if it was yesterday we were in Sat-Desha with my friends( the Silence Angles) sharing in heavenly light and sound. What was this destiny that happened to me? 

 He became silent for awhile, he was thinking about the fate that was laid out for him, he missed home very much. 

So he decided to talk to God.

He first spoke to Ragardin, God’s supreme angel, and said, “Can I meet God?”

Ragardin said; “yes you can,

but don’t forget this is the last meeting.” Lucifer accepted. 

Raggardin vibrated and his luminous wings broke through all the spiritual worlds. Behind all the spiritual worlds, the huge sound gates of the Pratyaharay Hall were opened.  A soothing but powerful sound was being heard that shown the gates of sacred silence of God are being opened.

Clusters of light engulfed Lucifer and the delightful sound waves directed him to the Pratyaharay Hall.


God was sitting on the golden throne of Sat-Desha. 

 Seeing God, Lucifer received a great love and unconsciously ran into his arms and said;

 Father, do you allow me to come back?

 God said; My son you are always in my heart.

 Lucifer said; then why did you curse me?  You gave me a power that is hated.

 God said; that is the power that you are it’s creator. I am always waiting for you to come back.

 Lucifer said; How?  Did I create this power?

 God said; Every choice creates power. Your choice created such power.

 Lucifer said; How can I be saved from this choice?

 God said; when you realize I love you more than your choices. 

 Lucifer looked at his wings, they were white and shining. He was extremely happy to see his wings white and shining again.

 So he asked God; would my wings stay white?

God said; this is my gift to you. It won’t be black and white anymore. so find my love that is always with you in darkness and light.

Lucifer said how to find this love?

God said; as soon as you realize that all the creatures I created are part of your being, You will find a slim thread, this string is my love that connects all creatures in the Universe. you will understand then.  Love is oneness and unity.  Not polarity and antithesis. 

Lucifer said; Can I meet you again?

 God said later you will understand that I always reside in you, you do not need to meet. 

 Lucifer said creatures know me as horrid, nasty and ugly.

 God said;

 Nasty, ugly and beautiful is an upside down part of me.  But the creatures see it in your face. Let them see, because my love is what is only visible in the heart, so return my son and listen only to your heart where you are being a light of me and a picture of me.  There is no ugly, nasty and beautiful. Only what exist in my being is stable. 

 With these words God slowly moved away from Lucifer and repeated the last words again.

 “My son Lucifer, I will always be waiting for you, find love and you find me. If anyone knows you ugly it is nothing but his inner reflections. Whoever find my love will find me. My love is beyond the ugly and the beauty. 

May the Blessings Be 


The Riddle of God

The Riddle of God


There was a Mystic who lived hundreds of years ago.  He was upset with God and Satan.  So he told them I don’t follow the path of neither God nor Satan, I just follow my own path. 

Satan and God confederated to stop him from making this decision, but both of them failed. And the mystic of our story managed to connect to the spiritual worlds.

 Satan told God; He defeated us.

 God answered; yes. 

 Satan said; did you know?

 God said; yes. 

 The devil said then why did you unite with me?

God said; the only way to ascend him to come to me was to unite with you. He is my child and I give him everything. 

 Satan was defeated by God again. Because God’s love is above all that the mystics and Satan knew of God. 

Love is the highest law.


May the Blessings Be

Sympathy with Rojava

Sympathy with Rojava

 Life has a certain frame.  But an ECK Master trys to bring the soul out of its cocoon by bringing the power of love to life.

 Rojava is a region of Syrian Kurdistan.  The Kurds have been living there for thousands of years.  Sometimes outer events reflect a kind of inner experience.

 Turkey has attacked the Kurds with political and military excuses to seize their homeland.  The main cause of this attack was Trump’s betrayal on the Kurds who defended the Americans during the ISIS war and played a major role in defeating ISIS. However, Trump turned back to the Kurds to give Turkey the chance to achieve its old intentions. In this regard, I have a deep experience. And it was Harold’s turning back on ECK followers in Iran.  After he turned back on ECK followers in Iran and left them, the Iranian government attacked Iranian ECKists, arrested, detained and imprisoned them. 

 Power is power and politics is politics.  Actions are always our inner reflection. 

 Regnar, The father of Vikings has an interesting saying. He says;

 Power always attracts the bests and corrupts them.

 Harold’s performance with the Iranians is very similar to Trump’s performance with the Kurds.  Where politics and the preservation of power take the place of love. The spirituality and abilities of the soul retreat.

 Currently, children and many Kurdish people of Rojava are being killed, injured and forced to leave their home every day.  Just as Iranian ECKists were imprisoned and tortured.

 In contrast, we have masters like Socrates, Paul the Apostle, and Shams Tabriz. They fought until the last minutes of their lives for ECK and protected ECK followers.

I share the suffering and pain with the downtrodden people of Rojava because it is a quite clear and familiar experience.

 May love be flowing 

 May the blessings be

The Dirty Dog

The Dirty Dog


 ECK function in our lives has many forms. These actions are also related to the type of our inner reactions and motivations.  You might be surprised that my relationship with animals or birds is better than with humans.  Basically, I like to stay silent rather than communicate with people. I rarely get into discussions with them, even about the teachings of ECK, only If I notice that the topic is important and sensitive I would enter the discussion. But overall, I don’t have any interest in discussion and giving ideas. Now we get to the story.

About a week ago, a dog’s voice near my store caught my attention. It was barking constantly, as if it will never get tired of barking. It was about 9 pm. I asked my wife who was in our store; where the dog is? 

She said; I don’t know, but it’s close.  

On the other side of street there was a motorcycle parked. The dog’s barking sound was coming from that side. I saw a terrier dog next to the bike’s engine.  Its owner was also there.  The dog was very dirty and dusty. I recalled a few days ago asking the Inner Master to choose a pet for me, I was thinking of a cat.

But the dog of our story ​​was very dirty and constantly barking.  At that moment I realized this dog was the Inner Master’s choice.  Well, I was going to decide whether to pick this dirty, dusty dog or not.

 I asked the owner is it for sale?

 His eyes flashed and he happily said yes.

I said why is it so dirty?  Its color is white but dust has darken the hairs?  He did not give a rational answer. It was obvious he did not take care of it. Anyway, I decided to buy that dirty messy dog.

 I bought the dog even though my wife didn’t agree much.

 That first night he bit me and my wife’s hand. He needed to be trained. I have had a lot of dogs and I know their behaviors.

 I washed him that night but he was so dirty that I had to wash him several times.

 Anyway I named him Sushan, Sushan is one of the superior races of the human race.

 Sushan began to learn to bark less, since he found his new owner serious and tough. He gradually learned to eat only dog ​​food, not the garbage of streets and alleys. He gradually learned to regulate his feelings from the emotional level to self control. And he also learned not to enter every place.

Sushan is now a balanced dog, he no longer barks to annoy others.

 He is not dependent. His new life is better than his previous one.

Here is the conclusion of the story;

 Shabda is like a dirty dog ​​whose only owner is ECK. ECK teaches him to gradually discover the process of his new spiritual life.

He washes the dirt inside him and only feeds on his spiritual food, and abandons his former owners who have smudged him. And only remains loyal to the ECK like the  strong loyalty of a dog.

Yes, the story of Sushan is our story, but it is our choice to know ECK as our owner or other people who offer unsafe paths with modern day tricks.

The photo below is real of my lovely dog ​​Sushan who is very happy now.


May the Blessings Be

In search for a Master

In search for a Master

 It is one of human habits to find another person to teach him.  He is the creator of the embodiment of the beliefs that ultimately remains as a slave who has chained others beliefs to his neck with his own hands, but why ?

 Because he doesn’t see the treasures within him, therefore, he allows the thieves steal his treasures.

A profound transmutation happened within him and he told his audience.

 I am not a master, I just wrote a book. He had discovered the secret of becoming a true master. And he knew that many who consider themselves masters are not real, simply because others consider them a master, they claim to be that.  

He had found the right path for becoming a master and he got transferred out of this world with happiness. 


May the Blessings Be

 Two of the forerunners of exposing this spiritual theft were Bayezid Bastami and Shams-i- Tabriz.  Shams had no master but achieved the Mahanta level.  Bayazid Bastami went to 131 masters but left all of them. And became a Soul Ambassador and ECK master by himself. 

Most people’s perception of an ECK Master is a misconception.  Because an ECK Master is a Master of ECK, not Master of Humans and Chelas. Shams says a Master knows himself as the master of no one. This is a complete definition of being an ECK Master.  An ECK Master doesn’t care who follows him who doesn’t.

He doesn’t look at his back to see how many people follow him.

The perception of most Chelas about seeing a master’s luminous eyes is quite wrong.  That’s why many masters like to remain anonymous and work in silence. They are everywhere. In Hollywood, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe, America, Africa, the Arctic, and all parts of the world. The work of a master is to show the way.  But he hates Chela’s obedience to him.  Because Chela must finally continue his path to God alone.  

Now we get to the story. 

One day a man was tired of the world so he was looking for a master to teach him.

 He went to the first master and saw that there were some people around him. The master had a long nose. So, he said; someone who has a long nose can not be my master. 

He went to the second master and saw he has a big belly. 

 So he said; it turns out he eats a lot. He couldn’t be my master either.

 He went to the third master, he was very handsome and gentleman. The seeker in our story said no; he couldn’t be my master because a master I think should be simple. 

 He met dozens of masters but didn’t like any of them.

He was tired of searching for a master. So he asked God to find a master for him.

A few months passed but there was no news. 

 One day at home, he found out that a new neighbor has moved into their neighborhood. He welcomed him into the neighborhood out of respect of being neighbors.

The new neighbor was a tall man with penetrating eyes, he became friends with him. One day he told him that I have been searching for a spiritual master for years, but I have not found him yet.

The neighbor said; so you become a master yourself. 

The Seeker of our story was shocked by this answer and said how can I become a master while no master has taught me.

Neighbor said; talk to people about your search for finding a master and the reason you didn’t pick any of them. That would be a good experience for you and the people. If you can’t talk, write a book about it, when people hear your story, they would show reactions, you can answer their reactions and questions, this is how you become a master.

The Seeker of our story asked the neighbor; did you have a master?  The neighbor said; I am a blacksmith, I have no spiritual master, but I found my spirituality in working with Iron. 

The Seeker asked; how?

The neighbor said; we are very hard and inflexible from within like iron, but if we are able to adapt ourselves to our living conditions, our inner will be melted by creative energy, so that our inner flexibility helps us learn so much that no master can teach us. But we like to hear and ask everything from others. But why we don’t want to ask and hear from within?

 The seeker of our story was confused, and a few months later the neighbor left their neighborhood unbeknown. 

 Years passed but our Seeker was still looking for a master and he got old. One day he told himself that I don’t have much time left, let’s write a book and share my experiences with others.

He wrote a book called “In Search of a Master”.

 His book got published. Thousands of people contacted him and demanded that he become their master.

The Rasa’s Mission

The performance of a Shabda is the only important thing that ECK and ECK masters care about.  A Shabda who devotes himself to ECK with all heart, naturally, he is heading towards mastership.

But his goal is not just to be a master but to love and serve Sugmad. The Rasa in our story is a Shabda who is chosen among hundreds of Shabdas to carry a great heritage like the children of ECK Institute.  Although he has colleagues, he is in fact taking over all the responsibilities for Children of Huk Institute.  In facing the tests, there are always some backsliding, some succeeding and some failing. The Rasa in our story was the only soul who could maintain his spiritual balance for six years.  He is disciplined and hardworking. His mistakes are not on a spiritual level. This is an important point that few people pay attention to.

He is now managing the Children of ECK Institute.  But what was his mission?

 As we know, in Iran, ECK Teachings is forbidden.  Parts of the Fifth Shariyat work had to be done in Iran, such as cover design, designing pages and more. These were very dangerous for him. He managed to do these things, and he sent that for me to Erbil, Iraq, secretly and the Shariyat the 5th vol. got published in Erbil. For many days he might have been frustrated, maybe sometimes fear got to him. But he was able to do the sensitive work he was committed to.

So Shabda, who is committed to action differs from Shabdah who gives merely a slogan of action. And naturally the spiritual conditions of these two kind of Shabdas are a lot different. 

Serving ECK is the only safe path to Mastership. One who serves and acts with dedication and love for ECK, doesn’t need any masters because he has found the master that is the love of ECK and Sugmad. 


May the Blessings Be