God’s Musician

God’s Musician…

 God is the Eternal Musician.  There is a story hold by Iranian music masters. These Masters are called the Musicians.

 God created the Soul with a musical tone and song. Note that this story tells the old teachings of the elders of Borchagon. However, Iranian music masters are not aware of such masters. The story of the creation of Soul is a story that has many forms in many spiritual schools and religions, because Soul was created before the creation of Adam. In Islamic mysticism and religion texts, one is resurrected by blowing the spirit into the body which has made of mud. However, in ancient Borchagon doctrines, modern human beings are known as the third generation of mankind, and humans have evolved from an aquatic creature. One of the reasons for man’s interest in water, ocean and the sea lies in the akashic of his precious lives, who was crawling as an aquatic creature deep in the oceans. After its gradual evolution, it emerges from the water and forms the human body after millions of years.  Our main focus in this article is on the Divine Melodies that we deal with. In the previous article, I introduced the word Sajanta, which is the first Sound and the Divine Whisper. When I read the short story of Iranian musicians I realized that they were familiar with Sajanta as an instictive guidance.

 There are a few other melodies coming from Sajanta Melody. These melodies are referred to as Bani and Wadan by the Sufis and Masters of Borchagon. Bani’s and Wadan’s Melody are the heart-pleasing Sound from God that when it comes to spiritual worlds, it becomes like Hum, Huk, Hu and other sounds. The composition of the cosmic mind transforms these words in lower worlds in various forms and sounds like sound of water, bees and ect.

 Thus Divine Melodies produce the elements that protect and sustain everything in the two aspects of creation and life.

 God is the only Eternal Musician. He gives Life and Love to the creatures through His Divine Melodies …

May the Blessing Be


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