Sri Vehka new age Living Bani Master

Vehka is the ninth student of Shams Tabrizi.Soul Ambassador of the present age Since October 22, 2020 Responsibility of Eck followers through Para Swami Ribazar Tarz was handed over to Sri Vehka.

This event was recited by Guru Saguna on October 22, 2020 through the Shariyat the Fifth Vol.

To connect with Sri Vehka Chaiden-me contemplation is recommended.

Chaiden-me makes the presence of Sri Vehka tangible and transparent to the followers of Bani(Eck). The Chaiden-me Technique could be trained to Bani(ECK) Followers the third initiation and above. But in general, Chiden-me works by inner and outer channels through nature, especially birds which confirm the presence of Vehka

Birds of nature Owels, cuckoos, little singing birds. Chaiden-me shows his physical presence quite clearly. The behaviors and songs of the birds are completely different from its normal course for you.

It is said that Vehka also appeared to the followers of Bani(ECK) five hundred years ago through Chaidan-me.

He has the ability to observe through the eyes and ears of the followers of Bani(Eck), especially those of the fourth initiation and above and to spread the divine consciousness. So, he rarely uses the light Sarup until Shabda fully experiences the physical presence through the nature of Bani(Eck).

We might easily forget the soul travel or dream experiences, but we never forget the voice and behavior of a bird that communicates directly with us.

This sound and behavior of Vehka dialect with you. And Vehka gives you the necessary lessons directly through the eyes and ears of these birds.

You clearly experience and touch the behaviors of these birds which are not completely normal and you are surprised by them. They use human words.

Therefore, the Chaiden-me contemplation is listening to and paying attention to the voice and behavior of the birds and animals that approach you and in their voice it addresses your human words. If you hear such sounds, your training cycle has started by Vehka. Pay attention to the sound of birds.

                                 May the blessings be