Specialized article, part one:
Human extinction in 800 years

Specialized article, part one:

Human extinction in 800 years

The planet’s karmic relations has led to creation of a new version of 21 human species. The new version created by genetic mutations, that now governs the planet.
Apparently this new version was created from the old story of Adam and Eve.

The important point is that the karmic discipline of all human beings is linked to each other at the level of fate karma, and this is part of the universal law of karma, which is the absolute ruler of the lower worlds.

The intelligent man, with all his intelligence, has ignored this important point.

Therefore, the situation of this planet has reached the current situation with regard to all creatures, including animals and all aspects of nature.

The planet Earth is fragile and, according to environmental scientists, could reach a new state in about 800 years.

Over the course of 800 years, humans will experience a variety of natural weaknesses, including droughts, scarcity of natural resources, and many natural disasters.
It is natural that wars and genocides will continue.

The intelligent man, since the day he realized that he could control the environment with the power of his mind and thought, first began to massacre 20 species of his own kind, whose generation is now extinct.

The crossing of the red line of karmic man will make the situation of this planet worse for another 800 years.

The thinking of this generation of human beings is based on complete personal security, which is first given great importance by the construction of technology.
But in return for providing resources for technological products, he is willing to sacrifice nations and millions of its kind, regardless of the universal law of karma.

The karmic state of the planet Earth has reached an explosive stage.
These explosions start with the weak countries, which have recently fallen victim to the same intelligent thinking of today.

Religion and dictatorship return,
Because it is the best tool for the smart generation.

Further karmic equations reach a degree of sensitivity in human relations histories. Like stepping on a minefield.
It does not matter now what culture, generation and country set foot on the mine! The only important thing is to meet the needs of the intelligent man in order to continue his generation for short-sighted reasons in seductive forms.

The Fate Karma of the planet is that the common bond of all human beings is becoming increasingly heavy, and in the next 800 years, if it continues like this, generations and millions of human beings will be killed, leaving only a generation of human centrality, less than 100,000 people.

This is a warning to 8 billion people who are producing karma on this planet, regardless of their species, which will cause the extinction of the human race.

Teacher Kamal Almasi Jaf

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Specialized Article on the extinction of man in 800 years Part 2

Specialized Article on the extinction of man in 800 years
Part 2:

Karma equations perform karmic calculations based on the vibrating pulse of energy, time and space on the planet.

The principles of karma were distorted by religions and turned into sin and good-deeds, reward and punishment.
While the pulse of karma operates based on the cause-and-effect relationships of the planet’s energy.

These cause-and-effect relationships, in the smallest decisions, have an orderly process that human beings cannot digest well.

Man has a bipolar mind that analyzes or understands either negatively or positively.
But the pulse of karma is more than good and bad or negative and positive, evil or virtuous.

In one sentence, karma means freedom of action with respect to responsibility for any action or choice he makes.
The only creators of punishment and reward, good and evil, are schools and religions that are completely unaware of the function of karma and, worst of all, attribute all actions to God.

The truth is that the universal law of karma has nothing to do with God, and God does not need to interfere in karma.

Therefore, attributing deeds to God is the only deception of religions to control the public mind and its spiritual feelings.

Karma means action and reaction and cause against the effect.

So in the face of any action, good or bad, we have to wait for the reaction, the paradox, the decisions and the choices we have, that have been implemented.

For example, each of us is the creator of our own life, and we live in a situation that is equal to our choices.

Environmental factors are also involved in this situation, such as: society, social laws, national laws, culture and type of public thinking.
The problem is that these factors run counter to the principle of responsibility and the paradox of karma, and make the collective karma of the planet heavier.

As planetary karma becomes heavier, the general human population becomes more indifferent to each other and their relationships deteriorate.

At present, the collective consciousness of the planet has reached this stage.
And it is at this point in time that pretense fills the place of human originality and dignity.

90% of the people on this planet have persona. Mask and veils made by the requests and desires and needs that one wants to achieve. As a result of these requests and desires, his awareness has taken him away from his inner dignity and originality.
Because modern man has turned to a kind of psychological acting that is not himself.
It is just a pretense and has forgotten its true self.

These are the consequences of the heavier collective karma of the planet, and these are the consequences that make it more careless, ruthless, and violent than its counterparts.
These consequences reach a point where with the destruction of millions of human beings, other human beings do not care about it and are busy playing the same mental and psychological game of pretending.

Unfortunately, these behaviors and habits have now reached the level of collective consciousness of the planet, and human beings today are indifferent to the suffering and destruction of their fellow human beings.
But they do not know that this indifference, according to the law of karma, must one day be taken responsibility for and confronted with its paradox.

Teacher Kamal Almasi Jaf