Kamal Almasi Jaf

was born in 1970 Kurdistan of Iran. He is a writer and teacher in Bani Teachings. He was trained and received attention from ancient masters in Teachings of Light and Sound ( Bani) from childhood. At the age of 27 he came into action seriously and prompted these teachings in Iran. He trained thousands of students and wrote several books. He is the founder of Bani Foundation that helps people get connected with two divine aspects of God, Light and Sound through discourses, workshops and meetings. Eventually, Iranian Government arrested and detained him for 3 years on charges of apostasy. After he got released, he started his activities again. He was prosecuted again by Iran Government and he had to go to Iraqi state of Kurdistan and became a refugee. The Bani Foundation now proposes his teachings under his supervision actively in all around the world. Other works from this writer:

Tsunami of God, Nirala the God of Love, Self Realization The Sacred Silence of God, Prince of Light, Conversation with inner Master , Dreams that Come to You Spiritual Journey of the Soul, The Key to Spiritual Perceptions.