Who tore the picture of God?


 Who tore the picture of God?

 It is said that in a land the photo of God was released. The photo was first given to the people. Some became the preacher of God’s picture. They gradually realized that they could become powerful through the photo of God. So they started to proclaim that whoever does not have the picture of God, he goes to hell. People would buy the picture of God due to the fear of hell. They looked at it for so long that in their dreams God appeared and spoke to them. Gradually this magic charmed them.

 One day a man entered the land. He saw a large and magnificent picture in a large and magnificent temple. He asked people whose the photo and the temple is and what is this? This is the picture of God, and we who have the picture of Him are the chosen ones, that temple is also His temple; they replied.

 The man was surprised. At first he didn’t say anything.

 He stayed in the city for a while, he realized that one who doesn’t have the picture of God can not go to the temple, nor can worship or love God.

 He made an important decision.

 One day he went to the town square, holding a number of pictures of God. People thought he was also a preacher of God.

 They gathered around him.

 But he tore and burned all the pictures of God in front of the people of that land.

 Some people said he is an infidel. Some said he is crazy. Some threatened him. And some were shocked and pondered. They asked him why did you do that?

He answered:

 The God who has a photo and does not allow others to love Him without a picture is not God. The God who does not allow others in the temples to worship Him without His picture, is not God.

 What kind of God needs a photo and a pretending smile?

 So I would not opt for such a god over my donkey that is helping me.

 Be careful of your mind-made God.

May the Blessing Be

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