The Rasa’s Mission

The performance of a Shabda is the only important thing that ECK and ECK masters care about.  A Shabda who devotes himself to ECK with all heart, naturally, he is heading towards mastership.

But his goal is not just to be a master but to love and serve Sugmad. The Rasa in our story is a Shabda who is chosen among hundreds of Shabdas to carry a great heritage like the children of ECK Institute.  Although he has colleagues, he is in fact taking over all the responsibilities for Children of Huk Institute.  In facing the tests, there are always some backsliding, some succeeding and some failing. The Rasa in our story was the only soul who could maintain his spiritual balance for six years.  He is disciplined and hardworking. His mistakes are not on a spiritual level. This is an important point that few people pay attention to.

He is now managing the Children of ECK Institute.  But what was his mission?

 As we know, in Iran, ECK Teachings is forbidden.  Parts of the Fifth Shariyat work had to be done in Iran, such as cover design, designing pages and more. These were very dangerous for him. He managed to do these things, and he sent that for me to Erbil, Iraq, secretly and the Shariyat the 5th vol. got published in Erbil. For many days he might have been frustrated, maybe sometimes fear got to him. But he was able to do the sensitive work he was committed to.

So Shabda, who is committed to action differs from Shabdah who gives merely a slogan of action. And naturally the spiritual conditions of these two kind of Shabdas are a lot different. 

Serving ECK is the only safe path to Mastership. One who serves and acts with dedication and love for ECK, doesn’t need any masters because he has found the master that is the love of ECK and Sugmad. 


May the Blessings Be

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