Time to Leave the School of Religion and Mysticism

Time to Leave the School of Religion and Mysticism

My memories of religion may be several lives. The many lives I had been seeking for God through the teachings of the prophets, sweet and bitter memories. In this life, I was going to leave every religious education forever, because the path that Bany had set for me was a completely different path. Rebazar says;

“It’s good to be born in a mosque.”

The path to Sugmad demands a matureness beyond any human education formulated within the framework of masters and prophets.

The ECK Masters only show the way, it is entirely up to us to continue the path to Sugmad through His Light and Sound. No one can guarantee self-realization and God-realization for us. The path to God is narrow, slippery, dreadful and loving. Sugmad is the God of hearts. In heart only His Light and Sound can be found that is His eternal consciousness. 

Therefore, no teachings, whether in religion or any other schools under the teachings of ECK, cannot be the ultimate destination. The final destination is possible only with intention, love, and connection with the Sound and Light of Sugmad. 

The Inner Master is the only way. He is the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t accept character, nor a pattern, and no teaching can reflect the sacred existence of the Inner Master.

Because Mahanta, the Inner Master, is Sugmad. It does not fit into forms and bodies, while all the forms and creations are alive through IT. There is nothing but Sugmad.

Maybe this question comes to mind that is there any problem with mystical and religious teachings?

In my opinion, they have no problem, they are the schools that are needed to get ready for the path of Sugmad.

Sugmad is eternal. There is no end to it. So, his path is known as the immortal way. Religions help us but only Holy Spirit through the channel of inner master can guide us to Sugmad. 

The following experience may show signs of redirection.

I had spent many years and lives in various religions and mystics. The effects of their Sanskara has remained in me. I had a kind of guilty conscience that was hurting me. It was a short time I got into Bany Teachings. I was worried about whether my religious and mystical path and all I learned were worthless or I was wrong. I wrote a detailed report to the Inner Master and shared all my concerns with him.

Some time went by and I hadn’t received a reply. After about a year, I entered a conscious dream. In that dream I was sitting in a big mosque across from the altar of the mosque. There were huge marble pillars in there. I heard a voice called me and said; Get up and say prayers. 

By hearing that sound I realized it was none other than Kal. Kal is the god of all religions and sects.

He had put me at a crossroad. The two ways of the teachings of Bany and religion. 

I loved saying prayers, but chanting HU was more attractive to me. I got up. I stood up to say prayers. But I sang HU instead of saying Islamic Zakar in prayers. I was singing HU, I was singing HU loudly. 

Kal was angry and he was calling me to say prayers. but I kept singing HU. Little by little My heart was filled with great love and Kal became silent. 

Suddenly the whole mosque started shaking. The pillars and ceiling and altar, of the mosque were shaking. As if there is an earthquake going on. Then the ceiling and pillars of the mosque started shining. Light come to the mosque with wonderful magnitude. 

Pleasant and sweet sound like a harmonic violin and flute entered, the whole mosque was shaking and shining. The pillars, ceiling and altar of the mosque melted into light and sound. There was nothing except the clusters of light and beautiful sacred sound. 

I was filled by the greatness of that great love. The celestial sound of HU was causing it. I felt some changes inside me. I realized all my worries about what  I had learned in religion and mysticism has been resolved. 

Because all those teachings were required for me, until the day I find the eternal path to Sugmad. 

May Love Be


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