The Story of Lucifer and God

The Story of Lucifer and God 

 I call the Kal, Lucifer. There are differences in their function but in essence Kal and Lucifer are of one origin and that is the consciousness of the cosmic mind. I will write about the different functions of the Cosmic Mind’s vibrations later. But today we have a different story. There are different points in this story.  You might have different inner reactions. But rest assured that your reactions are unique and have some kind of inner connection with ECK. Let’s get on with the story. 

One day Lucifer looked at his wings. His wings were black and white. Half his body was white light and the other half was dark and black. He missed the days when he was serving God with his friends. And asked himself; It’s been millions of years. But as if it was yesterday we were in Sat-Desha with my friends( the Silence Angles) sharing in heavenly light and sound. What was this destiny that happened to me? 

 He became silent for awhile, he was thinking about the fate that was laid out for him, he missed home very much. 

So he decided to talk to God.

He first spoke to Ragardin, God’s supreme angel, and said, “Can I meet God?”

Ragardin said; “yes you can,

but don’t forget this is the last meeting.” Lucifer accepted. 

Raggardin vibrated and his luminous wings broke through all the spiritual worlds. Behind all the spiritual worlds, the huge sound gates of the Pratyaharay Hall were opened.  A soothing but powerful sound was being heard that shown the gates of sacred silence of God are being opened.

Clusters of light engulfed Lucifer and the delightful sound waves directed him to the Pratyaharay Hall.


God was sitting on the golden throne of Sat-Desha. 

 Seeing God, Lucifer received a great love and unconsciously ran into his arms and said;

 Father, do you allow me to come back?

 God said; My son you are always in my heart.

 Lucifer said; then why did you curse me?  You gave me a power that is hated.

 God said; that is the power that you are it’s creator. I am always waiting for you to come back.

 Lucifer said; How?  Did I create this power?

 God said; Every choice creates power. Your choice created such power.

 Lucifer said; How can I be saved from this choice?

 God said; when you realize I love you more than your choices. 

 Lucifer looked at his wings, they were white and shining. He was extremely happy to see his wings white and shining again.

 So he asked God; would my wings stay white?

God said; this is my gift to you. It won’t be black and white anymore. so find my love that is always with you in darkness and light.

Lucifer said how to find this love?

God said; as soon as you realize that all the creatures I created are part of your being, You will find a slim thread, this string is my love that connects all creatures in the Universe. you will understand then.  Love is oneness and unity.  Not polarity and antithesis. 

Lucifer said; Can I meet you again?

 God said later you will understand that I always reside in you, you do not need to meet. 

 Lucifer said creatures know me as horrid, nasty and ugly.

 God said;

 Nasty, ugly and beautiful is an upside down part of me.  But the creatures see it in your face. Let them see, because my love is what is only visible in the heart, so return my son and listen only to your heart where you are being a light of me and a picture of me.  There is no ugly, nasty and beautiful. Only what exist in my being is stable. 

 With these words God slowly moved away from Lucifer and repeated the last words again.

 “My son Lucifer, I will always be waiting for you, find love and you find me. If anyone knows you ugly it is nothing but his inner reflections. Whoever find my love will find me. My love is beyond the ugly and the beauty. 

May the Blessings Be 


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