The Dirty Dog

The Dirty Dog


 ECK function in our lives has many forms. These actions are also related to the type of our inner reactions and motivations.  You might be surprised that my relationship with animals or birds is better than with humans.  Basically, I like to stay silent rather than communicate with people. I rarely get into discussions with them, even about the teachings of ECK, only If I notice that the topic is important and sensitive I would enter the discussion. But overall, I don’t have any interest in discussion and giving ideas. Now we get to the story.

About a week ago, a dog’s voice near my store caught my attention. It was barking constantly, as if it will never get tired of barking. It was about 9 pm. I asked my wife who was in our store; where the dog is? 

She said; I don’t know, but it’s close.  

On the other side of street there was a motorcycle parked. The dog’s barking sound was coming from that side. I saw a terrier dog next to the bike’s engine.  Its owner was also there.  The dog was very dirty and dusty. I recalled a few days ago asking the Inner Master to choose a pet for me, I was thinking of a cat.

But the dog of our story ​​was very dirty and constantly barking.  At that moment I realized this dog was the Inner Master’s choice.  Well, I was going to decide whether to pick this dirty, dusty dog or not.

 I asked the owner is it for sale?

 His eyes flashed and he happily said yes.

I said why is it so dirty?  Its color is white but dust has darken the hairs?  He did not give a rational answer. It was obvious he did not take care of it. Anyway, I decided to buy that dirty messy dog.

 I bought the dog even though my wife didn’t agree much.

 That first night he bit me and my wife’s hand. He needed to be trained. I have had a lot of dogs and I know their behaviors.

 I washed him that night but he was so dirty that I had to wash him several times.

 Anyway I named him Sushan, Sushan is one of the superior races of the human race.

 Sushan began to learn to bark less, since he found his new owner serious and tough. He gradually learned to eat only dog ​​food, not the garbage of streets and alleys. He gradually learned to regulate his feelings from the emotional level to self control. And he also learned not to enter every place.

Sushan is now a balanced dog, he no longer barks to annoy others.

 He is not dependent. His new life is better than his previous one.

Here is the conclusion of the story;

 Shabda is like a dirty dog ​​whose only owner is ECK. ECK teaches him to gradually discover the process of his new spiritual life.

He washes the dirt inside him and only feeds on his spiritual food, and abandons his former owners who have smudged him. And only remains loyal to the ECK like the  strong loyalty of a dog.

Yes, the story of Sushan is our story, but it is our choice to know ECK as our owner or other people who offer unsafe paths with modern day tricks.

The photo below is real of my lovely dog ​​Sushan who is very happy now.


May the Blessings Be

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