In search for a Master

In search for a Master

 It is one of human habits to find another person to teach him.  He is the creator of the embodiment of the beliefs that ultimately remains as a slave who has chained others beliefs to his neck with his own hands, but why ?

 Because he doesn’t see the treasures within him, therefore, he allows the thieves steal his treasures.

A profound transmutation happened within him and he told his audience.

 I am not a master, I just wrote a book. He had discovered the secret of becoming a true master. And he knew that many who consider themselves masters are not real, simply because others consider them a master, they claim to be that.  

He had found the right path for becoming a master and he got transferred out of this world with happiness. 


May the Blessings Be

 Two of the forerunners of exposing this spiritual theft were Bayezid Bastami and Shams-i- Tabriz.  Shams had no master but achieved the Mahanta level.  Bayazid Bastami went to 131 masters but left all of them. And became a Soul Ambassador and ECK master by himself. 

Most people’s perception of an ECK Master is a misconception.  Because an ECK Master is a Master of ECK, not Master of Humans and Chelas. Shams says a Master knows himself as the master of no one. This is a complete definition of being an ECK Master.  An ECK Master doesn’t care who follows him who doesn’t.

He doesn’t look at his back to see how many people follow him.

The perception of most Chelas about seeing a master’s luminous eyes is quite wrong.  That’s why many masters like to remain anonymous and work in silence. They are everywhere. In Hollywood, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe, America, Africa, the Arctic, and all parts of the world. The work of a master is to show the way.  But he hates Chela’s obedience to him.  Because Chela must finally continue his path to God alone.  

Now we get to the story. 

One day a man was tired of the world so he was looking for a master to teach him.

 He went to the first master and saw that there were some people around him. The master had a long nose. So, he said; someone who has a long nose can not be my master. 

He went to the second master and saw he has a big belly. 

 So he said; it turns out he eats a lot. He couldn’t be my master either.

 He went to the third master, he was very handsome and gentleman. The seeker in our story said no; he couldn’t be my master because a master I think should be simple. 

 He met dozens of masters but didn’t like any of them.

He was tired of searching for a master. So he asked God to find a master for him.

A few months passed but there was no news. 

 One day at home, he found out that a new neighbor has moved into their neighborhood. He welcomed him into the neighborhood out of respect of being neighbors.

The new neighbor was a tall man with penetrating eyes, he became friends with him. One day he told him that I have been searching for a spiritual master for years, but I have not found him yet.

The neighbor said; so you become a master yourself. 

The Seeker of our story was shocked by this answer and said how can I become a master while no master has taught me.

Neighbor said; talk to people about your search for finding a master and the reason you didn’t pick any of them. That would be a good experience for you and the people. If you can’t talk, write a book about it, when people hear your story, they would show reactions, you can answer their reactions and questions, this is how you become a master.

The Seeker of our story asked the neighbor; did you have a master?  The neighbor said; I am a blacksmith, I have no spiritual master, but I found my spirituality in working with Iron. 

The Seeker asked; how?

The neighbor said; we are very hard and inflexible from within like iron, but if we are able to adapt ourselves to our living conditions, our inner will be melted by creative energy, so that our inner flexibility helps us learn so much that no master can teach us. But we like to hear and ask everything from others. But why we don’t want to ask and hear from within?

 The seeker of our story was confused, and a few months later the neighbor left their neighborhood unbeknown. 

 Years passed but our Seeker was still looking for a master and he got old. One day he told himself that I don’t have much time left, let’s write a book and share my experiences with others.

He wrote a book called “In Search of a Master”.

 His book got published. Thousands of people contacted him and demanded that he become their master.

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