Sympathy with Rojava

Sympathy with Rojava

 Life has a certain frame.  But an ECK Master trys to bring the soul out of its cocoon by bringing the power of love to life.

 Rojava is a region of Syrian Kurdistan.  The Kurds have been living there for thousands of years.  Sometimes outer events reflect a kind of inner experience.

 Turkey has attacked the Kurds with political and military excuses to seize their homeland.  The main cause of this attack was Trump’s betrayal on the Kurds who defended the Americans during the ISIS war and played a major role in defeating ISIS. However, Trump turned back to the Kurds to give Turkey the chance to achieve its old intentions. In this regard, I have a deep experience. And it was Harold’s turning back on ECK followers in Iran.  After he turned back on ECK followers in Iran and left them, the Iranian government attacked Iranian ECKists, arrested, detained and imprisoned them. 

 Power is power and politics is politics.  Actions are always our inner reflection. 

 Regnar, The father of Vikings has an interesting saying. He says;

 Power always attracts the bests and corrupts them.

 Harold’s performance with the Iranians is very similar to Trump’s performance with the Kurds.  Where politics and the preservation of power take the place of love. The spirituality and abilities of the soul retreat.

 Currently, children and many Kurdish people of Rojava are being killed, injured and forced to leave their home every day.  Just as Iranian ECKists were imprisoned and tortured.

 In contrast, we have masters like Socrates, Paul the Apostle, and Shams Tabriz. They fought until the last minutes of their lives for ECK and protected ECK followers.

I share the suffering and pain with the downtrodden people of Rojava because it is a quite clear and familiar experience.

 May love be flowing 

 May the blessings be

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