Translating the fifth Shariat

In the name of EK
The Sharyat Ki Sugmad, the fifth book, is translating spiritually by Children of Ek’s institute at the present time. It’s original name is 💙Sharyat Ki Amesh Huk💙 in the meaning of 💞eternal path of God.
The fifth book of Sharyat completes the Soul Teachings in the levels of self-knowledge and theology, including laws which are intended to teach the soul. And it says the mysteries of existential parts of Soul and the Truth of God.
At this moment , 50 transcriptions have been translated, 24 of which have been translated into human language. In total, about 70 transcriptions will be translated into human language , by October 22, 10834 spiritual year
May the Love be
May the blessings be

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