Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad the Vol.5 is published

In the Name of Eck

 Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad the Vol.5 is published.

Coincides with the publication of Fifth Shariyat, the vibrations on this planet has been increased.  Several world events reflect the manifestation of the light of the Fifth Shariyat on this planet.

 Storms and floods in Japan, fires and earthquakes in California, Turkey’s war with the Kurds, fires in the Amazon forest, also the political shifts of superpowers such as the US and Europe now shows a wide range of confrontation of positive and negative forces against each other. Also concurrence with the unveiling ceremony of the Fifth Shariyat in Iran, the war between Syrian Kurds & Turkey declared ceasefire.

Whenever Eck brings new consciousness to this planet, we will see such natural, social and political events. These events are due to the arrival of a new stream of Eck power, that makes the positive and negative forces wars against each other.  Generally, Geographical and climate change, such as natural disasters, floods, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as tensions between governments, are all due to the influx of a new stream of Eck which brings the positive and negative forces into battle. Many templates will be broken, and these failures are all about the arrival of Eck power to the planet Earth.

 The Fifth Shariyat is called the Book of Inner Peace, so that the soul can go beyond positive and negative forces by passing through internal contradictions and conflicts.  The vibrations of the Cosmic Mind are trying to block the new consciousness of Eck, so natural disasters and wars are targeted from within the planet’s collective consciousness toward inner evacuation.

 The light of the Fifth Shariyat will change the planet of Earth for the duration of 120 years cycle for the souls who is ready to enter the spiritual worlds. In the age of Kali Yoga the Kal power works more forceful, then it is natural the force power of Eck becomes stronger too. The structures of human spirituality will change and these changes will also affect his social, political and economic affairs. In the present age only the light power of the Fifth Shariyat can bring relative balance to the planet spiritually.  Religions are getting closer to their historical and repetitious death. The followers of EcK will see a great deal of internal transformation over the course of these 120 years, which is beyond all current religious organizations and personalism.  The Fifth Shariyat cares only for the Eck and does not recognize any prophet and master in the presence of Sat Nam. In the Fifth Book, only the connection to the Light and Sound of God is important which is possible through the Inner Master.

 May love flow.

 The Fifth Shariyat is only offered to the second initiates of Eck and will not be published for the public as the Shariyat 1 and 2.


Kamal Almasi

17 October 2019

The Thirteen Spiritual Discourses of Childreon of Huk

The Thirteen Spiritual Discourses of Childreon of Huk is being published this year. 

These discourses will support until being connected to the spiritual planes. 

Every Discourse has 4 spiritual practices that is planned for 1 month which includes 48 spiritual practices throughout the year. 

These discourses are for the Shabdas of Children of Bani Foundation.

Beni’s Foundation Discourses: 

First Year: the Path of Light, 

Second Year : Sajanta Servo, 

Third Year: Shabda Haray

Fourth Year :Bhakti Haray

Fifth Year :Para Vidya, 

Sixth Year :Swami Guru, 

Seventh Year :Discourse Ki Onkar

Eighth Year:Discourse Bhakti Haray ..

Ninth Year :Jakawa Hista …

Tenth Year :Amesh Spanda 

Eleventh Year: Sat Vadan 

Twelfth Year: Mahala Kuala 

Thirteenth Year :Pratyaharay .

May the Blessings be

Our Office in Nigeria

📣📣📣Attention Please

The Children of ECK (HUK) is opening an Office in Lagos, Nigeria.
The membership is free that shows your standing and length of practice in ECK teachings that is a requirement for taking some of courses.
The Institute will provide supplements and books for courses, for those interested in ECK teachings, Pratiaharay Method ( one of the 32 branches of ECK). This is a new method that is only provided by Children of ECK.
The Institute Representative in Nigeria is Mr. Stanly Nwaogu.
You can contact him for questions or membership through phone No.

+234 816 558 0039 Iseh Cyril

representative office in Nigeria

The Children of ECK Institute is planning to establish a representative office in Nigeria, so friends who are interested in collaborating on this project, please contact EK Shabda, the representative of Children of ECK in West and Africa. ID below:

FB Messenger ECK Workshops”

The Online Course of ECK Teachings for new shabdas

June 23 at 11am in US time

Please click on the below link to join us

May the belessing be

Translating the fifth Shariat

In the name of EK
The Sharyat Ki Sugmad, the fifth book, is translating spiritually by Children of Ek’s institute at the present time. It’s original name is 💙Sharyat Ki Amesh Huk💙 in the meaning of 💞eternal path of God.
The fifth book of Sharyat completes the Soul Teachings in the levels of self-knowledge and theology, including laws which are intended to teach the soul. And it says the mysteries of existential parts of Soul and the Truth of God.
At this moment , 50 transcriptions have been translated, 24 of which have been translated into human language. In total, about 70 transcriptions will be translated into human language , by October 22, 10834 spiritual year
May the Love be
May the blessings be