28th volume of fifth book

28th volume of fifth book
Mahanta Maharay Maharaji
No word can express the eternal awareness of Mahanta, the source of God’s maharay. In essence Maharay does not obtain a body, and has no personality, because the Word and its power which would be used to express the Maharay consciousness lays beyond all spiritual and inferior worlds. With the power of the Word, Mahanta, God’s Maharay, breathed sound and manifested the soul from the essence of His Consciousness. This consciousness is impartible, indissoluble and non-reproducible. It cannot be analysed; it is neither the energy nor the force of nature. It is rather the essence that created the springs of life; the essence of God. The soul can never become the essence of God, but can solely, with His awareness, become united in its consciousness; the Bani and the Huk.
The exchange of life energy, all life processes and the universe do not affect its existence. If the universes collapse and Bani becomes dormant, Mahanta Maharay yet withholds its existence. Thus, any soul who can reach such states, within the inferior worlds, can tap into the power of the Word. In the spiritual worlds there exists no such authority of the Word. The Soul Ambassador fathoms Mahanta’s truth, and which is why it does not call itself Mahanta, but a servant in the pursuit of grace. On average, within the span of 500 to 1,000 years only one soul is permitted to reach such a title; and only for a very short period, it withholds the power of the Word, which it wields as its Rod of Power. However, it should be noted, that it only carries the title, and cannot be a Mahanta Maharay Maharaj.
There are basically two fundamental differences between the essence of God and His consciousness, which is Shabda, Bani or Huk.
Shabda consciousness of God can be dormant, but the essence of God is inextinguishable. The essence of soul is Bany. The soul is the consciousness of God, but it cannot become God, because the soul can essentially become unconscious, whereas God is unalterable. Therefore, divine dignity is not unified in the soul and the universe and His consciousness. That is why God, through the essence of His being manifests Himself in the leaders of the spiritual worlds.
The first truth of His being is Sat Nam. Sat Nam does not become dormant because it’s been manifested from the essence of God. The soul can only attract Sat Nam’s consciousness and become one with it, but it cannot be It; cannot be God. Therefore, Mahanta, the inner Master, is the only one who withholds the highest levels of teachings to refine the soul.
As mentioned, every 500 to 1,000 years a soul can reach this title. No successor after Him has the right or is permitted to carry such a title, for the teachings of Mahanta Maharay will get distorted. In the meanwhile, Sugmad will send a Soul Ambassador to harmonize the teachings in stealth and silence. He is anonymous, but wherever He lays a step, the sacred fire flares. He is a representative of all Soul Ambassadors who have completed their mission in the past and does nothing without consulting and coordinating with the Sacred Souls. Soul ambassadors have been Mahanata and Paramahanta in the past, and some have been Maharaji and Mulani; they’ve been spiritual brothers and sisters who listen to the eternal Mahanta with their beings, and in His Haray guide the divine plan for the return of the soul.
May the love be.

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