Chapter 56 , Shariyat Vol. 5

Chapter 56 , Shariyat Vol. 5
The Mahanta leveing Eck Master Sri Shams Tabriz’s Mission
Shams Tabriz is the founder of written eck teachings in the planet earth. He is the first one who converted mystical teachings of Bani to writings. What he did revived the spiritual foundations of many cults. His teachings inspired the exaltation of the spirituality that affect revelations of many poets and gnostics.
His life is recorded in the Shariyat vol.5 in soul plane. 
From Varkas time until the time of Shams, the ancient and eternal teachings of Shariyat was being transferred directly from soul to soul. Therefore, Para-Anamy decided to reveal some details of his life. These teachings is archived in the form of secret sound vibrations in the Akashic records of Soul Ambassadors.

When Shams was 8 years old, once saw a drunk man blaspheming and talking sewer about god and people were cursing him and throwing stones at him. Shams got closer and said do you know you are praising god at this moment?

The drunk man started blaspheming even harder and said now I drink to your god and praise him. Shams kept silence. 
Years later, Shams was a young man that was very tough on wise-men in his time. An old man came to Shams and said “ do you remember me?”
Shams said; Yes, you are that honest believer. 
Old man said; my life turned over when I saw you that day. I spent many years is seclusion and solitude. Now I know, God doesn’t know any pagan or believer. dear-one, what is your name? 
Shams said; they all can accredit themselves by me. I am Shams, the luminous sun of God that shines on pagan and believer equally. 
That man was a disciple of Rumi later, and truly, that was the very man that put Rumi in Shams’s cross path. 
The life of great men of god is like this. As if , each of them is a ray of God’s light who seek in the lands of God to help souls in their path towards God.
May the blessings be 

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