A sweet story of Yaubl Sacabi

The Angel and Soul Ambassador

Once a beautiful angel went to a Soul Ambassador and saw him on a boat fishing. The Soul Ambassador also saw the Angel standing on the water with it’s beautiful wings looking at him with kindness. Told her humorously, I see angels have got interested in fishing too.
The Angel smiled and got closer and said I am ready to take a lesson from you.
It seams you have more work to do, go get them done and come back; the Soul Ambassador said.
No I don’t have many things to do for now; Angel Said.
As soon as she said these words the Soul Ambassador’s boat capsized and the Angel helped him immediately to fix the boat and get on it.
The Angel asked surprisingly; why this happened? The Soul Ambassador said “I don’t know”.
Why you don’t know, you are a great master; the Angel Said.
How do you know I am a great master? Now you see if you weren’t here helping me I would be dead; the Soul Ambassador said.
This incident must be out of a good fate; the Angel said.
I don’t believe in fate and destiny; as soon as the Soul Ambassador said these words the boat capsized again. The Angel realized she shouldn’t be there. It’s not the time for her to learn. She left and came back a few years later. The Soul Ambassador was carpentering this time. He said to the Angel humorously “ have you become interested in carpentering this time.”
The Angel smiled again; am I ready this time?
That day on the boat I gave you the lesson, now go because you have more work to do; the Soul Ambassador said.
The Angel remained silent, she was afraid something would happen to the Guru. A few years past and she got back to the Soul Ambassador. This time she found him writing something and told the Soul Ambassador, I think I found the lesson.
The Soul Ambassador looked at her and said “ this time I listen”.
The Angel began to speak; the boat getting capsized was a mirror of myself meaning I can not digest and understand what I am not ready for.
And what is that; the Soul Ambassador said.
Surrender to divine grace; the Angel said. But because you were surrender to divine grace, God gave me this lesson through you as a channel. Your boat got overturned two times and you didn’t complain, you accepted me with patience. However, you had given the warnings to go. In the carpenter experience, I learned silence. Because I remained silent, God protected you, so I got the lesson. But today I got my third lesson in the sentence you said, and the lesson got completed. “ Being surrender to divine grace is when I learn the silence and grasp the art of hearing God’s voice. Now I know the difference between an Angel and a Soul Ambassador is very much”.
Then the Soul Ambassador told her seriously this time; God is the one who is being reflected in our hearts. Therefore, we must act in a way that God returns his light’s reflection to the universe and his creatures.
May the blessings be

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