A story from Shamus Tabriz

A story from Shamus Tabrizi :

Shams was hungry one day. He had difficult days. Because it was always attacked by Rumi fanatic students. His clothes were torn and torn. He was very hungry and thirsty. He came to a man , Who sold fresh meat. He approached him but did not say anything. The meatman looked at him well, he thought that the man with the old clothes might have been pattered. A piece of meat thrown over to Shams. Shams took meat from the ground. He went to the top of a mountain. He put meat in front of the sun and said:
“I am Shams. You are also Shams (the word of Shams in Persian language, means sun). Fry this meat, …

The meat fried in the hands of Shams. The question is this :
who can command the sun? Why did he show him so weak in his everyday life?
What does this story tell us about Shams Tabrizi ?

Baraka Bashad

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