Tsunami of God

 Tsunami of God

First Story 

It was past midnight at about dawn. I had not slept yet. My book contract, Sacred Silence of God, was successful with one of American publishers in Michigan. I was going to publish my books later in the West.
I checked on my two thousand dollars castle in the game of clash of clans. I like that game very much because it is in harmony with my flying phantom in past lives. I first activated it’s protective shield, then I went to my bed. I was restless and calm at a same time. I got up from bed and started controlling my mind gently, a simple but mysterious method. after a while , the voice of ancient masters came to my consciousness. They were glad and they invited me to dit together like a conference for advice and assistance as always. I keep their names as a secret.
So I just call them with the color of the robe they wear.
As always, he was the one who shot his bass and elegant voice towards me. It was coming from the other side of mountains and seas.
He said; write your book a bit different next time.
I answered, what suggestions do you have?
He Said: “Pay attention to your experiences. Those kind of experiences that you jumped towards god without getting any help appears to be very interesting.”
I said that many of those experiences require silence.
Stating those experiences helps silence, do you understand?; he said.
At that moment, a question came to my mind.
Why did Paul tell his silence experiences in the form of books?
My guess was right, the answer was what Vinaceous Robe just said.
Possibly, Paul was hesitant like me before writing the book “ The Tiger Fang” and Vinaceous Robe encouraged him to write such experiences.
At this time, other masters such as
White Robe, Silver Robe gently joined our conversation.
I saw their hidden face using optical method. They all became present with a warm smile in me and Vinaceous Robe circle.
I said greetings politely and they replied with an optical smile.
Our Pratia Conference was slowly moving toward to a good direction, but I had to leave the conference room for a few minutes and check out on my wife. When I made sure she is sleeping, sat again on my bed and entered the Pratia Room. whispers of the ancient masters in the hall, they had different opinions about my next book. They were trying to support me with the highest quality of experiences to help me write a book that has a better general quality. Whatever it was, that was different from the book “Tiger Fang” or experience of Muhammad or Moses or any other person who had turned to God.
But on the other hand, no one was paying attention to material concerns and expenses, and it seemed funny for me. They seemed totally unconcerned about the cost and troubles of publishing the book and the fact that it will add up do my current financial debts.
By the way, drop of Iranian currency’s value against dollar in that discussion was unimportant. This was the issue that was one of my concerns for a few days. I was not young anymore to dive into troubles. I am about 50 years old. Probably, if I had asked such a question for a solution they wouldn’t even listen, I know the nature of ancient masters after all these years, so I focused on principles and paid attention to their advice.
The White Robe Master had a suggestion that made the others to ponder. They had sat crossed legged as if they have pulled over in the street and got into a chat. They were looking at me time to time. I was sitting quietly on my bed and listening but I didn’t know what was White Robe’s proposal. Silver Robe brushed his beard with fingers and said, “I think it’s a good name.”
Vinaceous Robe also confirmed. He said to me , Name your book “The Tsunami of God”.
As I heard these words, all the content of the book appeared in my mind.
This is why the ancient masters are so amazing.
This name was reflecting the entire concepts of my book.
“Tsunami of God”
Now I knew what Vinaceous Robe had in mind. All my concerns about the cost and all publishing difficulties went away.
The ancient masters did their work

and they went out of my consciousness gently as same optical and Inconspicuous manner… while, I was whispering the name of my book
 Tsunami of God… 
kamal Almasi

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