The story of Paradise and Hell

The story of Paradise and Hell:
One day people of heaven ran into hellish people. Residents of hell asked heavenly ones, “ Are all of prophets in heaven with you?”
They said; no, none of them are there.
Hell residents asked, “ So, how they get you into heaven?”
Heavenly ones said; no it wasn’t like this.
Hell residents asked, “ how come they are not in heaven when you who are their friends are in heaven and we who were their enemies live in hell!?!”
Heavenly people said; we weren’t their enemies but we didn’t accept them as a messenger of God. Not only you were their enemies, but also you accept them as a representative of God.
“ How someone can believe in someone and be his enemy?” ;
Hellish people said.
Heaven residents replied; you have accepted them through hate. They caused hate entering to your system, what devil uses vey much.
Hell residents said; “But you haven’t accepted them as well”.
Heavenly people said; that is true but without hatting them. Your hate built the Hell and our silence built heaven. This is our difference. Prophets don’t have a way into heaven because they caused the hate inside you. The hate that is caused in the name of God and it’s holy presence.
“ So, where are they then?”, Hell residents asked.
Heavenly people said; they are lost in God’s worlds. They have to be reincarnated several times to learn do not use God’s name for obtaining place and benefice. Their mistakes are beyond the Hell.
“ What should we do now?”, Hell residents asked.
Heavenly people said; put your trust on God’s will and grace that prophets weren’t aware of that…

May the blessings be
Kamal Almasi, Daily Stories

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