where is the gate to heaven?

Where is the gate to heaven?
The idea of many people from paradise is a beautiful and peaceful place with no pain. Although there are such paradises as well, but the main heaven is deeper and purer. The following experience may give us signs of heaven.
This experience is from 23 years ago. After a year of this experience, I entered the path of ECK.
Life had broken me. There were some factors that led me to leave my hometown. My daughter was two years old, she is now about 25 years old. I had to leave my hometown to find work. Those were very difficult days. I was a 27 year-old man with a young wife and a small kid. I was looking for a job from city to city. But, there wasn’t a suitable job. I finally decided to stay in one of the cities.
One night missing my family, especially my young daughter, made me feel sad. I felt so much pain in my stomach and I told God; “Why do I have to suffer so much? “.
At that time, Islam was the popular belief and I was very interested in Shams and Rumi’s mysticism.
That night I fell asleep thinking about my pains and suffering. I first saw a small dream, then suddenly my third eye opened up. I saw myself near a golden river. I looked at the sky in that land, it was purple and luminous. The pleasant breeze touched my face. At that moment my memories of suffering and missing family returned. But the celestial and heavenly voice addressed me. That voice was so beautiful and pleasing that I wanted to hear it forever.
As the voice echoed it said to me; “Go to the river my son, drink from the river’s water.”
I went down to the river. Every sip of water in the river spilled all my suffering away, washed my face and hands, every time I run the water on my face, as if it was healing my wounded inside. Then the voice said again; “Look along the shore.”
I did. A beautiful bright light emerged in the horizon. A herd of horses appeared across the river, and a very beautiful white horse was in the front. The voice said; “that white horse belongs to you.”
I went after the white horse, and then I returned to the body. At that time, I didn’t know what that voice was and what it meant.
The voice was the Mahanta, the Inner Master, and that white horse who was the leader of all the horses was the Holy Ghost, ECK.
One year after that experience, I got into the ECK Path. It has been 22 years since the first day I read Tiger’s Fang, by Paul Twitchell. Paul was right that said; anyone who read Tiger’s Fang can no longer be that former person. My sufferings got hundreds of times bigger after getting into ECK. But the power of ECK and the love of God were so powerful that I was always empowered.
If you want to continue the path of ECK, ECK is that pure heaven. A paradise called the awareness of the burning love of God in our lives. This is the only pure paradise. There is no other heaven better than that.
May the Blessings Be
May Love Be

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