The well of love

short story.
The well of Love …
One day a merchant arrived in a small town in which everyone lived in peace. He was surprised how the people of that City lived happily everyday and concerns such as livelihood, illness and problems of life can not disturb their peace. He left his caravan that was full of goods with no concerns at the caravanserai without any guards. The people of the City all accepted him with open arms.
He talked to a few people and asked how in this City they are all peaceful and not worried. I see people with illness are smiling and the poor are happy. The rich are not worried about the security of their wealth.
Asked everyone and they told him we have found love. But still he was not convinced and again asked the people, how?
People said; go to the Guru, and ask him to show you love.
Curious businessman went to the Guru.
The Guru was a soul ambassador. He was about 60 years old, a tall, swarthy skin with penetrating eyes.
He was watering a small garden. His door was open and the businessman was seeing him.
He walked into the home of the Soul Ambassador and told him, “ I have come here to ask a question”.
The Soul Ambassador looked at the businessman’s soul for a moment and said with a smile; “ welcome, I am here for questions”.
The businessman asked; “Where is love?”.
Soul Ambassador paused for a second and said; “I do not know”.
The businessman was surprised,
asked again; “Have you found love?”
Soul Ambassador said; “I do not know.”
The businessman thought to himself that this man is probably crazy. And people have introduced me the wrong person.
So, he regretted going to the Soul Ambassador. He returned to the caravanserai. He stayed few more days in that strange city and continued on his way.
There was a very dry desert on his path. He gave a few people a lot of money to find the water wells in their way in the dry desert to save his caravan from the danger of thirst. He found three water wells.
On his way to the first well
He saw a caravan which had ran out of water. The thirsty caravan came to him.
Brother do you know any water well? Our camels and people are very thirsty. The businessman told them; I do not know, I have no knowledge about it.
At the First Well, he gave water to the camels and continued on his path. Three days passed he was going towards the second well.
This time he saw another convoy that they were thirsty too, but the businessman again did not help them. He said again I do not have any knowledge of the Well.
A week later, he was happy that his trip is coming to end. Because he was close to the third well. On the way to the third well, some bandits attacked his caravan. But did not steal his goods. They asked him to show them a water well, if he knows the location. He gave them the address for the second well. The bandits, after they became sure of his honesty, left him and his caravan.
The businessman was happy he has passed all the dangers. He happily came to the Third Well.
But he saw the Third Well is dry and waterless. He rebuked his agents and told them; “How did you not know the third well is dry? Now the camels and the caravan are thirsty.
They said we do not know how the Well got dried, because it had water before.
Suddenly the bandits returned, and again pushed him to give them the goods of his caravan. They stole his goods and camels.
Our trader man was left alone in the dry desert. The people left him. He was very thirsty. The hot sun and the cold of the desert nights hurt him. He only had hidden some coins from the attack of the bandits. Gradually, lack of water put his life in danger and he became unconscious. After he woke up, he found himself in the house of the Soul Ambassador.
He wondered; “How did you save me?
Soul Ambassador said; “I do not know, some people from the City found you in the desert”.
The businessman asked with wonder; “Why you do not know anything?”
You saved my life, and you say you do not know?
The Soul Ambassador said; “Not knowing with love is better than not knowing of ignorance”.
Tradesman found out the secret of the Soul Ambassador saying “I do not know”. After this experience, he realized his mistakes. He understood love is in sacrifice and sincerity. What he refused to give to God. So he told the Soul Ambassador; I found love like the others, what do I do now?”
The Soul Ambassador carefully looked at him; “Go to the people and share it with them. Do not forget, we do not know anything about love, but God gives us the opportunity to flow it. Always use the opportunities God gives you, even if it is not to your advantage.
The businessman got happy like the people of that City. He went among the people and served his fellows with love.
May Love be

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