The old Man from Heaven

The Old Man from Heaven

Most ECK followers have a spiritual talent from past lives. They can follow light and sound, no matter how long this adherence continues, but they always decide to return to the planet because of getting ECK’s new lessons. This process has been going on for me for centuries.
Maybe some people think what kind of Path this is that continues for centuries?
Learning ECK is very easy. In the learning stage, we can learn the teachings of ECK in a few years, but the important cycle of ECK is the digestion of deep teachings along with getting these learned teachings into action that can come from receiving the Holy Spirit’s direct awareness. There is no other way.
For me, the process has been around for a few thousand years. I have gone through many lives to get prepared and walk into the ECK path. And I have finally chosen the ECK Path consciously after meeting with Rebazar from the year of 1519 to 1549. But the preparation before choosing the ECK path was happened from 450 BC through many past lives, some of which was during Socrates and Bayezid Bastami and Shams Tabrizi era. Finally I met Paul Twitchell in Pennsylvania, America from 1966 to 1969. In 1969 I got transferred and I entered to this life in 1970, far away from the Center that Paul had founded. I was a Turkish girl in that life. My father and mother were from Turkey and I was born in America.
I returned to this planet again in 1970 and when I was only 12 years old, the Masters guided me back to teachings.
This story happens in many ways to followers of ECK, so don’t assume you just got familiar with ECK Teachings in this life, but your background is more than just a few lives.
Now we get to the story.
When I was 12 years old, my mother let us go out with my friends. We were few friends who liked to explore neighborhoods in our City. In one of these neighborhoods there was a famous mosque, so we decided to go there and see the mosque. The mosque had two doors, one on the side of the street, one on the side of the alleyways. My friends and I entered the mosque from the side of the alley. It was a huge mosque with a vast courtyard that had a big blue water basin that people use it for ablution, washing their face and hands before saying prayers. My friends and I were looking at the mosque with wonder. In the ablution section, there was a man with a white robe and a long white beard, he was watching us from distant. My eyes were drawn to him like a magnet. He called me among all my friends and said; “My son, can you help me stand up, my legs are broken”.
I walked up to him and with a childish and young voice told him with excitment; yes, sir. As soon as I reached out and draw my hand to help him, he held my hand for a moment and then slowly released my hand again.
My son, seems like you have a very kind heart. I kept gazing at him.
Then he went on, come and sit next to me. Do you want to talk a bit? my friends were gone and I was thinking of them. He quickly read my thoughts and said don’t worry about your friends you’ll see them.
Again with my childish voice I said yes, sir.
I sat next to the white bearded old man. He started talking first about morality then he went into spiritual lessons. He talked for about 30 minutes and I couldn’t even remember a word, except this sentence; “My son, you will never forget this day”.
Then kissed my face and said go to your friends now.
I said goodbye to him and went to find my friends. Surprisingly they had just come out of the second door of the mosque, while I was sitting beside the old man for 30 minutes they could have crossed the street. In that case it could be very hard to find them. A question came to me in a momment. The old man said his legs were broken, why I didn’t help him? I came back quickly to help him. But he wasn’t there. During that time, he could not have gone too far even with healthy legs, so I wouldn’t see him.
I was just wondering where he went?Years later when I came into ECK Path, I saw his picture, he was no one other than the supreme master of ECK, Sri Fubbi Quantz. He was right, I never forgot the day I met him.
The ECK Masters have always been careful from far past to present for the right time to protect us to continue the eternal path of ECK. So don’t even imagine that you have only got familier with EcK and ECK masters in this life.
May the Blessings Be
May love Be

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