Life Of a Madman

Life of a Madman
The spiritual equations in the spiritual life of each of us act quite differently. This is one of the many wonders of ECK that I love so much. It doesn’t make any difference to ECK how its lovely presence will flow into our lives. But ECK always comes to our consciousness in many ways, under different circumstances. So, ECK Path is an unlimited Path. No obstacle can prevent Divine Grace from entering our lives, except ourselves.
It has been a while my work pressure was very high. On one hand my family responsibilities, and my wife got sick around that time. On the other hand, the responsibilities of Children of ECK Institution. On top of that, I was busy opening a store. In the 47° c in Erbil, it was tough. The work pressure was high, and my wife’s illness was causing more problems. I was very tired on the second day. For a few minutes after my work in the store was done, I decided to sit on the chair.
Suddenly. A madman entered the shop.
I met him for the first time, he was the Madman in that area.
He looked straight into my eyes and said in Kurdish; “ Is it? Or it is not?”
For a moment I didn’t realize what he said. So he repeated; “ Is it ? Or it is not?
Without knowing what he meant with that I just said; “no, it is not.”
He simply walked out of my store.
I got a question in mind. What did he mean by it is or it is not?
Why did I say;” it is not”?
At this time an old woman suddenly called him and told him; “Edris, Edris, come here.”
She gave him 250 Iraqi dinar and said; see you after two days.”
Edris took the money and said; “After two days”. He repeated those words couple of more times.
Edris pull out all the money in his pocket, which was completely in Iraqi dinar. He pulled out and counted the money. Later I realized he is very famous in that area. He was a fair madman. He would do no harm to anyone, he is contented and grateful. People love Edris. He passed across my store again but didn’t ask for money. Suddenly a huge wave of the presence of the Inner Master engulfed me.
Light and sound flowed through me like a waterfall.
Because of the light and sound flow, all my tiredness due to those two days of hard work was gone. The cause of this experience was no one except Edris.
After seeing this, Edris became a kind of presence of ECK for me. He comes to the store every two days and says
Is it ? Or it is not?
I give him 250 dinars every other day and I consider this relationship a kind of being grateful to ECK. So Edris’s sentence always comes to my mind, is it ? Or it is not?
For me, this is a kind of communication with ECK. And this question comes to me;
“Am I always aware of the presence of ECK or not.”
The cause for this connection was none other than Edris, the Madman. He acted as an ECK channel for me.
The wonders of ECK have always been in our lives. But it is important how much we are aware of it?
May the Blessings Be

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