When Love Chooses

When love chooses

The biggest wonder of ECK is the miracles that brings into our lives. This wonder brings us a miracle called consciousness. We often do not know about this wonder and grace of ECK. And we may resist it because it is not pleasing to us. The story below is a wonderful story of the miracle of ECK. The character of our story is one of ECK initiates. A few years ago she was a new chela who requested to become a member of Children of ECK Institution. But now she has become a love magnet for Eck, but how?
By the time she got into the ECK Path, her husband started to disagree. She even stayed away for awhile due to her husband’s sensitivity and disagreements. After some time she returned again. Her disagreements with her husband has become a serious problem. She loved her husband and on the other hand she truly loved being in ECK. She was in a difficult cross road situation, marital obligations and responsibilities with having a child, and on the other hand she loved being in service of ECK, but she had a big obstacle on the way.
Perhaps she has repeatedly asked herself this question;
How can I be a channel in the Path of ECK for the Holy Spirit?
Or perhaps she spent many days with despair and frustration surrounded her. This was a difficult situation for her.
However, she again decided to return to the Children of ECK Institution, and stay completely silent about his beliefs in ECK.
One year passed like this. I decided to hold a series of seminar Satsangs in Iran. It was very difficult and risky because the Iranian government does not accept the teachings of ECK and is against it. ECK followers are recognized as felons to the government.
By the way, I resumed underground activities again. I chose trustees and active chelas to join the in attendance Satsangs. Well, the initiate in our story was one of them.
She was excited and happy for being chosen for attending the Satsang. But she had forgotten the basic problem of her life at that moment. And it was her husband who stubbornly opposed the teachings of ECK. How she could go to the Satsang, should she tell her husband about it?
For the first time in her life, she decided to hide this from her husband. She decided to participate the Satsangs.
Imagine what decision you can make in a country where your government and your spouse oppose the ECK teachings.
It’s a really tough decision.
However, she went to the Satsangs and continued her activities without fear and with love.
One day, while she was at home, a woman rang the door bell. She opened the door. The lady revealed a terrible secret to her.
The husband of the initiate in our story had a secret relationship with that lady. The lady had told her all about their relationship with the husband in our story.
And the lady regretted that relationship and not knowing that the person she was in relationship with was married.
Well, the initiate in our story was shocked at first. How she didn’t know that her husband was having an affair with another woman.
However, she made up her mind on separation. Her husband had also agreed to get peacefully parted.
All this story and this experience is hidden in this sentence of Rebazar who says in the far countries book;
“The one who loves ECK, Sugmad removes extra baggages from his shoulder.”
Yes, as long as love is our first choice, we will find the right path to Sugmad.
May Love be
May the Blessings Be

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