Lonely Tiger

Lonely Tiger
The leader of a coalition of lions told his son; now that you are mature you have to leave the troop and you can come back after four years. You will have a lot of tests in these four years, you have to hunt alone and be able to protect yourself. If you survived after four years you can come back to the coalition and when you could defeat me you can be my successor and take the leadership.
The young lion in our story was very scared of loneliness, also of hunger, because hunting alone was very difficult for him.
But he could not ignore the law of lions. He left the coalition and was left alone in the woods. Days passed, he was hungry and he found nothing to hunt. He only had water to quench the thirst. little by little he became more thinner and weaker of hunger and not having food.
But he was still hoping to be able to hunt. The forest nights were scary for him, because the lions could be attacked by the jackals, their enemies, at any moment.
Days and nights he would occasionally hunt mice or squirrels but it would not be enough for him. One day without realizing he entered the realm of hyenas and jackals. They immediately surrounded him when they saw a weak and helpless lion. Our young lion got ready for battle but they were more in numbers. The war started. he injured some of them but they were more and he got wounded and there was no escape. He understood It is the time to die. In the meantime a roar was heard in the realm of jackals. A mighty and powerful tiger attacked the jackals. The Young Lion was saved from death. The jackals were scattered.
Tiger approaches Young Lion and says; my son this area is dangerous, follow me.
The Young Lion went after the Tiger. After awhile they reached a cool and beautiful grove. The tiger took care of him. After a few days the Young Lion was no longer hungry and thirsty.
One day he asked the Tiger; are you alone?
The Tiger said; yes tigers live alone. They do not live like a troop of lions.
The Young Lion asked again; how is it that tigers can live alone?
The Tiger answered; Because living alone is their life. The tigers see things and feel things that other creatures no longer feel or see.
The Young Lion asked; what is that?
The Tiger answered; the Inner Power.
We can see the Inner Power and it is something above our instincts.
The young lion asked what is the Inner Power?
Tiger said; solitude.
Loneliness is the key for finding the strength within.
If I didn’t have this ability, you wouldn’t be alive now.
The young lion said, do you mean the Inner Power told you to find me and save me?
Tiger said; yes.
The Inner Power is like a voice. It tells us how to live and how we can take care of ourselves.
The young lion said; can you teach me how to find the Inner Power within me?
Tiger said; that is why I saved you.
Our Young Lion was trained for two years, after two years he understood what is the Inner Power. He heard a beautiful, sweet voice. A sweet and pleasant sound that was saying;
I’m the Inner Master.
May the blessings be
May love be

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