Catch The Thief

Catch the Thief
It was winter and the weather was very cold. I was working in a sculpture workshop outside the city and that made the cold even more severe and I had to bear more cold.
Diesel fuel was used for warming the room. Outside, in the back yard, we had a 1000 liter tank, supply of diesel and the workshop manager said it is for the whole winter. So I had to be sufficient and save it.
My job was guarding that workshop 24 hours.
One day, while I was filling the heaters with diesel, the Inner master said slowly; “catch the thief”.
The first question that came to my mind was; thief ?
Why a thief comes to the workshop?
About a week passed. One night in a dream I saw two thieves stealing diesel fuel.
It was a clear sign from the Inner Master. And I decided to be more careful. A few days later in front of the diesel tank, I saw that the lock had been tampered with.
I got even more convinced there was a fuel thief. But how do I deal with him?
I asked help from the Master so that I could prevent the theft of diesel and not hurt anyone.
A few days passed. One night I got out of body. I was on the outdoor of the workshop. The noises outside draw my attention. I was flying just above the thieves.
They where stealing the fuel. Inner master said; approach them. I approached and put my face directly in front of them.
Suddenly they shouted for fear.
Genie … Genie .. Genie …
They ran away for panic and never came close to our workshop’s fuel tank. A week passed. One day I saw one of them look at me in fear saying, do you work here?
I said; yes.
He said be aware this place has a genie.
Yes, the Inner Master gave me the best choice to fight the thieves. The choice that protected them and me.
Everyone on this planet has a lesson, whether he is a thief or a good man, it does not make any difference to the Master and the ECK. He protects all creatures in different ways.
May the blessings be

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