Future Room

Rebazar Teachings(Future Room)

In general, my wife has a strong relationship with three masters, one of whom is Rebazar.
Sri Rebazar always surprises us. He has unique methods that I call the Rebazar style. He knows his Chela, and he knows how to teach him. This recognition sometimes amazes me. And sometimes I ask how he can be so precise?
I know my wife well, and this knowledge I share with you along with this experience is an important proof that Rebazar knows his chelas very well.
My wife likes to know about future. She is very interested in ECK Vidya. And also she is very skilled and interested in traditional and herbal medicine.
Our story is about the first part of my wife’s interest in the future and ECK Vidya.
In one of the afternoons when my wife was resting, she was brought out of the body. She was passed through the snow tunnels by a woman. She enters a room, and looks at it with surprise. That looked like our kitchen. But it feels like this is the future room. She leaves the room that looked like our kitchen for a few seconds. All of these are happening completely out of body. As soon as she leaves the room, someone closes the door to Future Room. My wife quickly returns and pushes the door handle, but the same person closes the door again. A quarrel begins between her and the man behind the door to prevent the door from being opened and closed. My wife pulls the door to open and the man behind the door wants to close the door to the Room of Future. My wife finally succeeds in opening this door and opens the door. Suddenly she sees the one behind the door is Supreme ECK Master Rebazar Tarz with a vinaceousis robe. My wife gets surprised. Ribazar surprises my wife with a deep look.
She runs to find me in the experience and shouts; “Kamal, Rebazar is in the kitchen”. Of course I recall nothing about this experience. She repeats with excitement many times; “Kamal, Kamal, Rebazar is in the kitchen.”
Instead I look at her and keep silent.
At this moment she appears in another dream. They teach her lessons of ECK Vidya and she returns to the body.
Rebazar’s teachings are always in line with our beliefs. In this experience, he teaches my wife, without a word, that the future is not important, and it is better to close it.
When my wife described the experience to me, Rebazar’s words came to me from the book The Far Country.
I am the beginning and the end. There is nothing in the future that is not in the present.
Maybe we’ve read and heard this sentence many times. But, have we acted according to it?
ECK masters show us the performance. This is an important lesson that is not found in any books.
May Love Be . May the Blessings Be
Kamal Almasi
August 19th, 2019

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