The Lords of the Lower Worlds

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“*The Lords of the Lower Worlds *”
Dimensions of energy in the forms of time and space are the manifested dimensions of physical body of gods, myths and prophets. A great myth called God, is named only by the Creatures of the Lower Worlds, while God is anonymous. The sound waves in the Lower Worlds are inevitably acting vicariously in order to provide the ability to enter into the realm of Consciousness of God. The Maharay function of God transforms into Haray, and the Divine Haray has to turn into the Word vicariously in a physical form in the domain of the Lower Worlds.
Maya is born, and Haray is latent behind the veil of Maya until the Soul finds it.
The Lords of the Lower Worlds are born from the body of Maya in the form of gods, myths, prophets and masters. They have Bani’s vicarious power. But the Soul Ambassador watches over the performance process of Maya and avoids the vicarious power through Vairag, and preserves his harmony with the Haray in the Maharay of God, and indeed through the Haray he strives to teach the Soul towards the Grace of Maharay.
That is why no Soul Ambassador has made any religion except by his followers in which his absence, his Haray, had been descended to Maya and Animism.
Followers of religions and their masters are seeking the plurality of organizations and movements to attract more Souls. But this is the subject of the curvature of Light and Sound, because only the Soul Ambassador knows that the Eck disciples are all Creatures of God. He does not see the need to create a sect or religion to connect others to God in the vicarious form. There is neither a Creature nor follower of Eck that is not attached to Bani, because without It they wouldn’t have life.
The Soul Ambassador hears the Voice of Eck in the sound of Animals. He hears the Word of God in the wind, He also regards all Creatures as the followers of Eck. Their plurality is greater than all religions that feed on the vicarious power of Eck via the gods of the Lower Worlds in bodies.
The Soul Ambassador sees all spiritual organizations made from the creativity power of General Intelligence, in Bani. He does not attempt to direct Shabda towards Bani’s vicarious forces, rather tries for Shabda to hear the Sero Haray through his own efforts and to connect to it.
All Creatures are followers and members of Eck, there is no differentiation. What is said in the First and Second Shariyat is a derivation of this Fifth Chapter of the Shariyat which has been reviewed, analysed and interpreted by the Soul Ambassadors.
This chapter is the complete Light of many chapters of the previous Shariyats.
May the Love be

Chapter 61 of Shariyat Vol.5
Page 341 to 343

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