The secret teachings of Ek

The Secret Teachings of ECK
For 22 years, I saw over 100,000 people interested in ECK educations. It always amazed me how these people love ECK. During the last 22 years, I witnessed many of their children also became acquainted with the teachings of ECK. I met with the age group of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70, They all love God’s Light and Sound.
For me, this harmony of love was very important. I am talking about the Iranian people who have no facilities. I always have had a simple meeting in one place, and they have all participated.
They simply have come to these meetings with this knowledge that participating in these meetings could be dangerous for them. Because the Iranian government is strongly opposed to the teachings of ECK .
But they were not afraid and it didn’t cause them to back up. This is a very deep group action that for 22 years, I’ve witnessed it continued.
I know they receive some kind of secret training.And I’m sure the training I give them is much deeper.
What kind of training is this really?
Who gives this tutorial?
I am sure that such training is not through me.
But how can they continue to deal with all these sufferings and dangers?
This is a kind of power of the teachings of eck.
They can not even go to the global seminar. They are secretly attending meetings. Even reading books on the teachings of ECK is also prohibited in Iran.
It’s interesting to know that in the last 22 years they have not been fewer, but their number grow more.
Even Harold left them. Now the question arises, “How can they continue?”
It can be like being jailed in your own house. But even though you are a prisoner, you can see everything on the other side of the house.
Imagine being in your situation, everything is lost and every one left you. Can you keep going when you know your life is in danger?
The only spiritual reason they can continue is their confidential trainings.
These trainings are transmitted directly from God to them.
This spiritual power is transmitted only through the Light and Sound of God.
They do not need the the Center of the Organizational Religion and it’s master and other meetings and books.
It was a wonderful surprise that I witnessed during these 22 years.
They love the Light and Sound of God in all circumstances, and love the teachings of ECK.
Because they receive highly confidential tutorials that others can not receive.
This was something that was always wonderful for me. It was much more amazing than seminars, organizations, Living Master, and all that other people need.
The Teachings of Light is so amazing and powerful.
“Only courageous and adventurous ones can find God. “
Sri Rebazar Tarz
May the love be

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