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“Our Home ”
In the Middle Ages, lands of the Heaven have sold to the people by priests.
Anyone tried to buy a part of the Paradise and save it for his death. This stupidity was greatly developed among the people of that period.
The price of Paradise’s lands was very expensive.
And church earned many coins by the help of these ignorant people.
Among these people, only one man thought with himself.
He asked himself;
Why does not anyone buy Hell’s document?
He went to the church and said: “I want to buy the Hell’s document.”
The priests were surprised.
They said to him, “you want to buy the Hell’s document surely?”
He said happily; “I’m sure, and I want to buy the documents of Hell’s land.”
So he asked the priests; how much is the price of the land of hell? It was a couple of coins?
At that time when everyone was wanted to buy the lands of Paradise, so the land of hell was very cheap.
So the man told the priests that I want to buy all the lands of hell.
The priests told him that you can buy all the hell with only three gold coins.
The man paid the coins and bought whole the Hell.
He received the documents of the lands of hell from the church.
He went to the city’s main square.
He showed the document of Hell to the ignorant people of that era.
And he spoke and said;
You should not be worry about paradise.
Because I bought all the lands of hell. No one else goes to the hell.
Who was that man?
He was Martin Luther.
This story takes a look at our spiritual situation in this age.
Many people pay for temples and religious places. Some of them also donate their property to these temples and religious places before their death.
They think that someone as the priest or prophet like Moses, Master,Jesus Christ according to their religion come and takes them to Paradise after their death.
We have learned in Eck teachings that no one can take us to Paradise.
Because heaven and hell are made by religions.
Paradise is our consciousness according our teachings.
So we must always know that We earn paradise through our love for God.
And we can never give this love back to God through the religious places of the Masters.
Because God is everything.
Therefore, God can not be present only in religious places and just available for the Masters.
The place of God is within us.
And this place is in our hearts.
May the love be

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