Sajanta is the First Heavenly Melody

Sajanta is the First Heavenly Melody

 Today, I would like to write about Sajanta, that might help the second initiates who are reading the second year discourse called Sajanta. First, let’s add that the discourses of our institute are quite different from those of Eckankar discourses. When I say second initiates, I am referring to the members of our institute, not members of the Eckankar, but they can also use these articles which are public and of love.

 Sajanta Melody is the first sound pulse. Sajanta is the stimulus of the flow of Light and Sound. That is to say, Sajanta is the power of Divine Consciousness to flow which is emitted by Light and Sound.  Sajanta is like a pulse that rushes into Divine worlds and cosmos. This tsunami is like the first whisper of God to awaken consciousness and the flow of His Consciousness. In the ancient stories is said; God woke up. He looked into His Existence. By seeing His Quiescent Existence, He went to the dream state and in the dream he whispered a melody.  This Melody transformed a part of His Being into Light and Sound and expanded like a massive tsunami in the dimensions of Existence. That Melody transformed part of Him into the Inner Master to be the Architect of His new cosmos. Creatures were created from different Divine Melodies which were flowing from His Sound and Light. The Inner Master which is the Divine Teacher aspect of Him, helps God’s creatures to unite again with His Light and Sound.

 Sajanta is only audible but not visible. It is like a music without word in which all life, Light and Sound coming from.  Elders of Borchagon called this Melody the paramount Mantra in Golden Age, the mantra which takes God into His Eternal meditation, but this is just a kind of allegory to give us understanding of the Divine Melody of Sajanta.

 God whispered the Sajanta, He returned to His Eternal Tranquillity, and in His Eternal Meditation He fulfilled His Dreams. One who hears Sajanta hears the Sound of Divine Whisper which gives life and love to all His Cosmoses from His Divine Throne by the vehicle of Light and Sound.

 So the Sajanta Sero exercise is one of the foundation exercises in our spiritual awareness. Don’t confuse Sajanta with the Inner Master because Sajanta Melody is the greater of the Inner Master Consciousness, and Light and Sound. Hearing it is like pulse. It has no vibrational spectrum. Rather this pulse, like heart pumps Light and Sound into all cosmoses.

 May the Blessing Be

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