The Queen and Lucifer 

The Queen and Lucifer 

 Thousands of years ago, when the Polarian race ruled the Earth. A queen had the control of the king at the height of his power.

One night the Queen decided to invite her close friend Lucifer to dinner. We all know Lucifer is one of the general names for Kal, the ruler of the lower worlds. Lucifer put on a beautiful clothes and accepted the invitation of the powerful Polarian Queen . 

The Queen prepared a magnificent feast for Lucifer.

Lucifer entered the queen’s banquet with the face of a handsome man in young age. All the guests, men and women as well as courtiers were amazed at his beauty. The Queen saw Lucifer shining in the light and she fell in love with him. She hadn’t met Lucifer until then. Their connection was through inner.  She couldn’t think Lucifer would be so beautiful in the real world. So she decided to dance with Lucifer instead of the king.

Lucifer accepted the dance invitation. All courtiers were wondering why the Queen was dancing with Lucifer. She told Lucifer she loved him at the time of the dance. Lucifer accepted.

 Many years passed and all the people became aware of the Queen’s unlawful relationship with Lucifer and this diminished her power. The courtiers rebelled against her. They arrested the Queen and sentenced her to death. But the Queen was loyal to her love for Lucifer. She was still waiting and hoping that Lucifer doesn’t ignore her love and come to her aid.

 The day of her execution was scheduled. But there was no signs of Lucifer. The Queen was still hoping to achieve her dream.

 But Lucifer left her alone. On the day of execution, they told her you could announce your last defense. The queen said I have no defense. I just have a request to let my eyes open while hitting my neck. They agreed. The queen was happy and longed to see Lucifer in the last moment of her life and when he comes to rescue her. She looked at the whole crowd in the town square to see Lucifer. In the final moments her head was put on a wooden pillar and the executioner beheaded her with one blow. 

 Hundreds of years passed and the story of Queen and Lucifer became a tragedy of love and sacrifice. After hundreds of years the Varkas empire was formed. The Varkas was the most powerful and bloodthirsty empire in the world. 

There was a sage living in their court. One night the Emperor of Varkas prepared a grand feast and invited all the courtiers and sages. 

During the king’s feast, he asked all sages and courtiers a question. 

Anyone who could give the right answer could enjoy the favors of the emperor. 

Everyone was surprised by the emperor’s question. He asked if anyone knew why Lucifer did not show up to help the queen and why she was loyal to Lucifer until the last moments of her life?  Everyone knew the story of the Queen and Lucifer and the Queen was one of the great myths of the Varkas Empire.

Some responded because the Queen was in true love with Lucifer. But the emperor was not convinced. Some sages also responded but the emperor was not convinced again.

It was the turn for the Sage in our story.

He told the emperor; the truth is, the Queen was not loyal to Lucifer, she had been captured by a giant named Desire, and the reality is that the Queen’s love was not a true love. Because true love does not need the lover’s reward and help. The queen was waiting for Lucifer to save her. 

The emperor’s eyes gleamed and he accepted the Sage’s answer.

The question is why the emperor accepted the Sage’s answer. 

 The answer is that Sage was the same Queen who had experienced the difference between a true love and the love with dependence in her new life.

 The emperor gave him a great reward. Later, the Sage became a Soul Ambassador. Who is called Sri Veka. 

 So the love that is influenced by desire and attachment cannot be a true love because love belongs only to Sugmad and returns to it. 

May the Blessings Be