Eck is Eternal

Eck is Eternal…..
If we think that eck is available to us, we are completely wrong
But the goal is how much we can make ourselves available to eck.
Here are some questions.
We read a book, we get some trainings, we go to a classroom or go to a seminar, we experience many lessons.
Are all classes and seminars useless?
The answer might be yes or no.
But we must understand that all classes, seminars and books are the things we hear about ECK.
This is only an external tool.
Therefore, there is no reason we believe that if we read a book if we go to a seminar, if we go to a classroom, ECK is available to us.
No one can say that ECK power is in his disposal.
If someone as a teacher and master or a friend says this, he does not even have the power of eck available to him.
Such people have never understood the truth of the power of ECK.
They believe that God is always available to them.
But this is a mistake because they do not know that we must make ourselves available to God. Because every move toward God is wrong.
Because we learn in the teachings of light and sound that we surrender ourselves to God.
Therefore, God’s power is not available to us
But the goal is that we could allow the power of God to flow through us.
Now, the question is how we can do that?
Would it happen if we do the exact exercises in books and classes by reading the book by going to the seminar?
Such a thing will never happen.
All the happenings are telling us the truth. But the real truth is the lesson we need to discover on our own, “the truth of ourselves”.
The truth of ECK is so deep that is not something others want to teach us.
Therefore, any type of seminar, book, class and lessons that are given to us is only a small part of our spiritual path.
We can not even uncover the truth by following the exact instructions of a teacher.
We can continue with such imaginations until the second initiation. Even we can continue the teachings of eck in the form of a religion until the second initiation. But it is not possible to get to the third level in this way. The third stage is a very deep metamorphosis. A very deep change occurs in us, because we can no longer continue to learn ECK like intellectuals and religions.
What will be the cause of such a transformation?
The main reason is the vibrations of eck.
In the third initiation, a spiritual rhythm is restored in our being.
This spiritual rhythm of vibrations is much deeper than the vibrations of religions and vibrations of the lessons of intellectuals.
We are in the third initiation with a kind of awareness called Viveka.
At Viveka’s stage, we get an accurate distinction.
The third initiation is like the reflection of our image in the mirror.
The power of eck will test us. And we face our own mistakes and our past lives with our habits.
This deep change and spiritual rhythm occur in the third initiation.
At that point, our general knowledge of books, lessons, discourses, classes, can not help us.
Even our deep religious beliefs and deep spiritual emotions can not help us.
At this point, the soul becomes familiar with God’s consciousness.
As he gets more awareness of God, becomes more independent of any religion or mediator called teacher and master .
Because he slowly begins to communicate profoundly with his inner Master. Soul will find out more that the Inner Master is not a character.
May the love be .