The Golden Moments in ECK

The Golden Moments in ECK

There is a position in ECK that I call it G pressure. The G position is a tough and deadly test that happens in Sixth stage. The Soul gets fully polished at this stage and human consciousness fails against the power of ECK. G pressure is a stage of hard and deadly tests of ECK. The Shariyat calls it the place of suffering and misery. But in this stage soul proves itself to Sugmad.
By passing through stage six, the Soul earns the qualification to meet God. In ECK this stage is called the Yama Mountain.

For me, in the years that I was at the height of my fame and financial power, everything suddenly smashed down. The roar of the ECK tsunami smashed my life. The Iranian government arrested me on the charge of apostasy and following the ECK Master. They called me an infidel. They tortured my wife and daughter in the most severe way possible. But the story of G pressure;
One day in prison I called my wife and she was crying and scared. She said Kamal, they wanted to arrest me for involvement in the activities of ECKANKAR. The first thing that came to my mind was it’s time to drop everything and I allowed ECK to act for me.
After finishing the conversation with my wife, I made an appointment with the judge who threatened my wife. The Ministry of Intelligence of Iran was trying to persuade me in any way to renounce ECKANKAR and stop obeying its leader. This time they had targeted my wife.
The judge accepted my appointment request. They took me to see him with chains, handcuffs, and four armed men. He was the chief justice of the Judiciary in the City that had arrested me.
At first, when he saw me, he thought that the evil plan he had designed to make me kneel had apparently succeeded. But when I saw him, I attacked him. I told him out loud that you can not send my wife to jail. He didn’t have any involvement with me in the activities of ECKANKAR. He was taken aback by my attack and said; Kamal, what is ECKANKAR? , and who is this Harold Klemp? Why do you follow him? Repent.
I told him that my beliefs about ECK and Harold, who is my master is not his business. I will not lose my beliefs.
He got angry and said I will order to throw you out of this window down. I also responded loudly, If you can throw me down.

My loyalty to Harold has been proven many years ago, when I endured the torture of prison.
After the court hearing, my death sentence was issued. After three years of fighting in prison for my beliefs, I was miraculously rescued by ECK. I remember once ECK Vidya gates opened and one of the prisoners told me; “Kamal, it is for everyone like one in one out, but for you there is none other than God.”
After this Golden Wisdom that flowed through ECK-Vidya, a year later, my death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court, and after three years of torture, harm and extermination of my family and my life, they threw me out into the street like a piece of meat. And they said go, you are free.
Years later, Harold’s true identity became clear to me that he was not a real master. I had an nervous attack. My wife was comforting me but nothing could calm me down.
The big question was, was all this suffering in vain?
Was all loyalty and love useless?
One night, a familiar foot steps came in. He called me and said let’s take a walk.
He was none other than Supreme Master of ECK Shams Tabrizi. By seeing Shams, I was suddenly exploded.
I bombard him with nonstop questions. Shams wore a white robe. And he listened patiently to my uproar.
Tell me who Harold is?
Isn’t he a master?
Have all my experiences with him been in vain?
Is this religion untruthful?
Did he make a mistake?
Shams was still looking at me with his appalling presence, but he stayed silent.
This silence blew me away even further.
“You have to give a clear answer.
Otherwise I will either kill myself or shoot Harold; I said.”
Shams said calmly.
“Calm down. Let’s walk. “
It was night and my body was shaking on the bed. I didn’t care about my body. On one hand, I didn’t want to walk with Shams because I knew about what he was doing. But Shams calmed me down with one sentence.
He said;
“Something that is called Religion of ECKANKAR is wrong But don’t forget that ECK itself is a kind of religion. Not in a religious definition that human believes in. ECK is an individual religion. No one can offer it to anyone else.

Overall I found the answer,
Then I asked from Shams; what would I do now? What can I tell people who trusted me?
Shams replied;
“The only thing that matters is that you give up and do not squeeze and harden your consciousness, do everything you can and open the truth to others with an open mind.”
With saying this sentence, a smile came to his face. It was like I had passed the test. Seeing that smile and Shams’ satisfaction, I remembered the response I gave to the Judge’s question. He said; “Are you a Muslim?
I picked a famous piece of Divan Shams to answer that which Rumi says;

“What is the tact, O Muslims, that I do not know myself,
Not a Christian(Tarsa) or a Jew I am neither a pagan(ghebre) nor a Muslim;
Ah, Shams Tabrizi, I am so drunk in this world
I know nothing but drunkenness and self-drunkenness”
The judge went silent with my answer.
During my meeting with Shams, his smile showed me that he was my true master in all that happened to me and my suffering, and I managed to overcome the pressure of G and Mount Yama.
If anyone thinks I’m the enemy of Harold, he is wrong. We are Children of ECK, and we publish ECK teachings with knowledge and experience of ECK consciousness. Experience that is earned with thousands of suffering and pain. So that we can digest ECK’s golden moments.
Harold is not a Mahanta and a Living ECK Master. Even he is not an honest prophet.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any respect for him.
The duty of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is two most important missions that Shariyat has mentioned.

First, Protecting Ancient Teachings of ECK.

Second, protecting the Chelas

In both cases, Harold has completely lost. And it is a sad reality that his followers cannot digest it.

May the blessings be

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