Four centimetres Frog 🐸

short story.
Four Centimeters Frog 🐸
Maybe it is hard to believe that a frog can be the messager of the Holy Spirit. But in Teachings of ECK, we understand that the Holy Spirit always communicates with us in different ways. And this communication is more when we are very busy doing other things and do not get the messages very clearly.
The frog of our story is quite real. I added it’s photo in the story as well. Because of summer heat, insects and some animals approach humans more, like birds, frogs, snakes and scorpions, or mice and insects, butterflies, beetles and ants depend on where we live, and how the wild life environment is around us and which type of animal and insects are near.
Around our house there are wild doves, cats and frogs, as well as lizards. Basically, my wife and I see lizards every day that crawl up on our backyard’s wall. Even they come in to our rooms, but we do not hurt them, they also do not disturb us.
But the story of our little frog is a completely different story.
A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to my wife in the kitchen, suddenly she said; “ Agh, Kamal, there is a frog in the kitchen”.
I asked; is it big?
She said; no, it is very small.
My wife and I conversation about that frog was ended that day. My wife respectfully took it out of home and left it far away from the building.
Couple of days passed. Again, my wife said with amazement; “How can it happen? The same frog has returned to the kitchen again.”
I told my wife that are you sure the frog is the same?
She said yes, I took a picture of it. I know the frog and I’m sure.
Our conversation was left there for 2nd time. My wife again showed it the way out with respect.
But the frog was coming back to the kitchen every day. This time my wife decided to take her away. She took it across the street, so it can no longer return.
Couple of days passed. This time my wife said with a big surprise; “Oh, Kamal, it is impossible. The frog has returned.”
This time I became curious. How did it find our home from that far away? There are many homes around us. How it doesn’t go to other homes?
This time, I understood that he is a messenger and wonder of ECK.
What could guide him except ECK? It is a little frog, only 3 to 4 centimeters. Crows and birds can hunt it easily.
So we agreed with my wife that it can stay in our home. It feeds on ants and small beetles. Considering the sensitivity my wife has to cockroaches and beetles, it is somehow of help in our home. But the main message that this little frog had for us was bigger than this.
For a while, I had various illnesses, kidney stones, stomach pain, knee pain and back pain. These has been started since I turned to the age of 50. Side effects of prison tortures remained in my body for years, and those effects escalate as I grow older.
In prison, I was deprived of sun light 95% of times for 3 years. Water and food in the prison were unhealthy. The air was filled with cigarette smoke and sometimes with drugs that the prisoners were using secretly.
The frog of our story was an important message for me that I had heard it clearly already from ECK in my way to the hospital and coming back home for the treatment of kidney stones. ECK told me this message in Farsi, while we live in a country where there is only Arabic and Kurdish languages speaking.
It was written on a statue in a park
“We do not forget you”.
After this message of ECK, Our little frog was the bearer of this message to our home.
ECK is always amazing. Only you have to open up communication with it.
Our little frog did not forget our home. He would return to our house anyway. This is a divine flow of love that comes into our lives in different ways.
May Love be,

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