Chubby Cat 😺

Chubby Cat 😺

After a few years a Skinny Cat met his brother. He was surprised to see his brother because he was chubby and in a good health, and himself was lean, hungry and fading comparing to his brother.
Skinny Cat told his brother “how you are fat and frisky?”

The chubby cat, after seeing his brother said, “the same way you are lean”. Then he yawned and waged his tail.

The skinny cat said; “I do not understand what you mean?
Do not you hunt mice anymore?
Do not humans make you escape?”

Chubby Cat says; “I remember when you were a kitten, you always hurriedly wanted to be the first to use mother’s milk, you were always hasty.”

The Skinny Cat said; “I also remember you were lazy and after we all had milk and we got full, you were the last to be fed by mother’s milk. But now you’re fat and not worried about food anymore.”
Chubby Cat said; “the problem is you are always worried about food, you chase sewage mice and get tired because you can not hunt most of them. You always have a fear of being hungry or not being able to hunt mice.
But I knew from my childhood that my mother protects me and does not leave me hungry.
But you did not trust her, you were always scared.”
The Skinny Cat said; “you’re not afraid of hunger?”
Chubby Cat says; “I try to control my instincts. I get closer to humans, I do not run away. They also feed me easily. I do not have to hunt mice. But you only use your two instincts. First, fear and the second is hunger. That is why you always remain hungry.”
Skinny cat said: “I have not eaten for three days. Now do you have something to give me?”
Chubby Cat says; “no, I don’t.”
Skinny Cat says; “but we are brothers. I need your help.”
Chubby cat said; “I gave you the best food.”
The Skinny Cat smells somewhere around to find the food that his brother gave him.
Then he told his brother that “you did not give me anything”.
Chubby Cat says; “As long as you fear your instinct, you will not taste my food. When you could control your instincts, you will find the food I gave you. Now go away.”
Skinny Cat got disappointed and walked away from his brother.
A few weeks later, his body was found by the Chubby Cat with a few mice around him.
Chubby Cat said; “The brother that became the victim of the mice” … He slowly went to a human … Wrapped around her leg and gave her a sense of love… She was a little girl who was eating a piece of meat. She felt the love of the Chubby Cat.
She cut her food in half and gave one to the Cat. They both were looking at the sea with calmness and joy showing that life was moving forward and that was a kind of life with love, not fear.

Always start your day with love. Our spiritual and physical food will be provided.
May the Love Be
Kamal .

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